Management and Interpersonal Roles

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In this article Mintzberg reviewed that managing through people bringing them one step closer to managerial action instead of information roles. The author used Hawthorne’s organizational experiments as their data gained which demonstrated in 1930s to describe the importance of interpersonal roles. His research focused on the managerial roles, which are interpersonal, informational and decisional roles towards management. This article is useful for my research topic, as Mintzberg stated that interpersonal roles dealt with leadership. The main limitation of the article is that the author more concerned about leading.

However, Mintzberg indicated that most of the managers seemed to spend most of their time in interpersonal roles. This article will help me to form the base of my research essay. Lamond,D. 2003, “Henry Mintzberg vs Henri Fayol: Of Lighthouses, Cubists and the Emperor’s New Clothes, The Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship. In this article Liamond reviewed the management of Mintzberg as the nature of managerial work. Based on the author article, Mintzberg used structured observation techniques for his research.

His article differentiates the management of Henri Mintzberg and Henri Fayol. This article is useful for my research topic, as Liamond explained how Mintzberg’s management works. The main limitation of this article is that the author used generalization as a description of his article. Thus, his article discusses the works of Mintzberg and Fayol theoretical understanding about managerial. This article will help me as additional information to my research. Mintzberg. The manager’s job: folklore and fact. Harvard Business Review.

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In this article Mintzberg stated that there are 3 main roles in management, which are interpersonal roles, informational roles and decisional roles. Mintzberg studied and researched to maintain his point of view. His article focused on the manager’s job. This article is useful for my research topic by how Mintzberg separate those roles in detail. The limitation of this article is it doesn’t fully focus on my research topic, which are the interpersonal rules. However, he also gives us some important information about the various types of interpersonal roles. This article will help me to complete the base of my research topic.

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