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At my senior secondary level, I was surrounded by lots of art related competition or activities. Personally, I love drawing and designing. I have studied art and participated in lots of art competition in order to broaden my horizon.

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I am glad that I have got the champion in a competition organized by the Hong Kong Civic Education Foundation Ltd and an outstanding grade in drawing competitions organized by the Hong Kong Heart Foundation Limited. These awards really built up my confidence. In my opinion, drawing is not only a hobby but also a great way to improve your interpersonal skills and become more patient.

In addition, I enjoy getting along with people very much. I was the peer counselor at senior secondary level and I join a community service group which help the needy once a month. I like meeting people and helping them through community service. Every month I went to the kindergarten or elderly home to do volunteer work, I play and chat with them. The experience enriches my learning, enhances my communication skills and exerts a positive impact on my life. I also become more analytical, observant and aware of people’s needs. I hope my cheerful personality can bring joy to the needy and contribute to the community.

Besides, I am intrigued by discovering something new every day, which makes me particularly interested in science. My most beloved subjects are Physics and Biology. Physic gives me the propensity to look in depth into the daily application of Physic, how they affect our life and theory behind. I have to admit that it is fairly a challenging subject and it trained me to have an inquiring mind and be conscientious to perform the best in my sheer ability. Biology allows me to learn about our own remarkable human body, I relish in learning the part regarding different types of diseases and the miracle of body structure.

It is a paramount importance for the medical professionals when they are avidly performing their duty. We are able to compete with others only if we are well-equipped. Hence, I think academic result is very important, so I would work very hard to achieve a good result, I hope I can enter a great university and pay back the community in the future. Also, I have set a career goal to participate in a service industry that could benefit the needy. I would try my best to love and serve the community to make us live a better world.