The Importance of Interpersonal Perception for Success in Education and Work

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"If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles," this Is an old Chinese saying from Sun Tug who was a Military General from ancient China. Despite It was used for military tactic, the concept of this can also be used in modern society as it is perceived as a highly competitive community. Interpersonal perception refers to self-understanding physically, mentally and emotionally. Interpersonal perception in this essay related to how one conceive another by their attitudes, behaviors through both verbal and non-verbal ways.

This essay examined how Intra- and Interpersonal perception contributes to individual success both at university and at work In the future. Firstly, understanding own strengths and weaknesses can improve academic performance by accurate self- assessment and self-monitoring. Secondly, better understanding of peers at university personal development due to the enhancement of relationship growth belief. Then, one can take advantage of own talent at work once it is being discovered.

Lastly, correct interpersonal perception may lead to a better coordination during work. Firstly, an accurate self-assessment ensures students to have a better tidying strategy and learning pattern. A research done by Debra reveals that student who can accurately self-monitor is able to distinguish between understood and less-understood materials. In the research, almost 90% of 314 respondents concluded that the Student Self-Assessment Sheet given by Debra did have impact on their exam preparation.

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One possible reason for the result is that they estimated what they have studied and what not before the exam. Therefore, learning strategy can be adjusted accordingly. For Instance, the time spent on understood materials can be reduce In order to prolong their study on those that are less-understood. As the result, study efficiency is enhanced and total time spent on study may be reduced. On the other hand, poor self-assessment may result in over confidence and optimistic leading to poor study planning, and eventually to underperformed in the exam.

From the evidence above, it is possible to conclude that self-understanding is critical In order to be success at university because It let oneself to notice his ability on the subject accurately and therefore shortcomings could be coped and academic result could be secured. More Importantly, one's distinctive spectacles could be covered, it could lead them to choose the right study field and the subject to be majored. In long term, accurate self-assessment may bring longstanding benefit.

Secondly, an increase perceptions of mutual needs among university students enhance relationship growth belief. According to Deck, Chic and Hong, relationship growth belief refers to a belief which examining about the malleability and stability of personality, Intellectual ability and ethics (cited In Canaveral, Cocker, p. 370). Research done by Canaveral and Cocker beliefs that students' chronic compassionate goals, such as promoting mutually supportive relationships by eloping or supporting others, could help gain understanding between themselves.

For example, one of the compassionate goals of the majority of students is helping freshmen to adapt new university environment by being a volunteer, through the difficulties and problems they experienced and the Increase In relationship growth degree of morality will be increased. These fundamental elements build up a strong leader figure at the university which increases competitiveness among peers. Thirdly, appropriate Job position can be choose through understanding of self- characteristics.

A study from Institute of Management examined how personality lays the role for individual Job performance. For instance, a worker with a high conscientiousness provides an active problem solving attitude, a time-effective plan and keen on coping with work-related pressure. It is reflected as careful and responsible for the Job obligation. A worker who is high in extroversion is usually perceived as highly sociable, highly ambition and able to solve complex problems.

A worker who has a high degree of agreeableness engages in social activities, mainly involve in interpersonal communication and resolve conflict between parties. Above extinctive personal characteristics categorize workers into various types of Job which it could make full use of their personalities. High conscientiousness worker could be allocated to be a manager; high extroversion worker could specialize in leadership skill; decent credibility colleague could involve in human relation department.

Therefore, one's accurate self-perception provides an optimum Job position guide so that talent is not being wasted, and assist one's to become success in that particular field. Lastly, correct interpretation of colleague's personal characteristics could enhance working coordination and working efficiency. According to a research constructed by Abele and Starters from Miami University, matching and mismatching could affect a decision. In a matching situation, individuals' preferences are similar, their common interest could lead to the same destination which the majority in the matching group would welcome.

Since it is easier for individuals in the same group of behavior to communicate and coordinate, it enhances interpersonal liking. In addition, successful matching promotes a sense of belonging and a feeling of unity, these elements are essential for a high efficiency working environment as the capabilities of having misunderstanding and disagreement are diminished. An ordinary company is believed to have several types of workers, if one can have an accurate perception of others' characteristic, behaviors and favors.

Appropriate way of handling matters could be used to cope with workers with various colleagues so that different interest could be met and better coordination could be assured. Interpersonal perception in workplace is indispensable because task in corporation demands teamwork rather than individual contribution. Therefore, an accurate understanding of colleague could prevent unnecessary conflict and enhance working armory. To conclude, this essay examined how intra- and interpersonal perception contributes individual success both at university and later at work.

First, accurate self-assessment guides to provide a better study planning thus lead to betterment of academic result. Second, understanding peer mutual needs may enhance relationship growth which rise competitiveness. Third, better Job selection with a clear understanding of personal characteristics and specialties. Last, correct interpretation of colleague's personality enhances working coordination as well as improves work efficiency and productivity.

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