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Management Exam: Study Review

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SCM 3301 Spring 2013 Exam 1 Study Review The exam will cover chapters 1-4 from the textbook. Format: 34 multiple choice questions of approximately equal weightage from each of the four chapters. Resources to study: * Lecture Notes ( If you have missed a class, please obtain the notes from a classmate) * The textbook * Closely read the sections covered in the lectures * Closely read the material related to the main ideas listed below Main Ideas: Chapter One: Describe a supply chain and define supply chain management. * Describe the objectives and elements of supply chain management. * Describe a brief history and some of the trends of supply chain management. * Understand the range of supply chain management activities common to both services and manufacturing * BUY – Supply * MAKE – Operations * SHIP – Logistics * Coordination - Integration * Understand the current trends in Supply Chain Management Chapter Two: Understand the role of supply management and its strategic impact on an organization’s competitive advantage * Understand the profit leverage of effective purchasing * Have a basic knowledge of the manual purchasing process, e-procurement, small value procurement * Understand strategic nature of the “make or buy” decision * Understand sourcing decisions and the factors impacting supplier selection * Describe the various considerations in assessing the Total Cost of Ownership * Understand how a supplier portfolio is managed Describe the opportunities and challenges of global sourcing Chapter Three: * Explain the importance of supplier partnerships * Understand the key factors for developing successful partnerships * Understand the principles behind the Weighted Criteria Evaluation System * Understand the purpose and creation of a supplier certification program * Explain the importance of a supplier recognition program * Understand the capabilities of Supplier Relationship Management Chapter Four: Define and appreciate the trends in ethical and sustainable sourcing * Define and describe the terms: fair trade products green purchasing social sustainability * Describe how ethical and sustainable sourcing strategies are developed and implemented * Understand how Supply Base Rationalization can help improve a company’s ethical and sustainable sourcing * Understand ways that supplier partnerships can help a company’s ethical and sustainable goals * Understand the use of environmental supplier certification and recognition programs

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Management Exam: Study Review

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