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Exam Review Guide

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Exam 3 Review Guide This guide lists the areas that you should concentrate on when reviewing for Exam 3. To adequately prepare for the test, you should first read the General Tso, Meet Steven Covey article to get comfortable with it. Then, as you review the items listed below, think in terms of how the theories discussed in class relate to the particular scenario described in the article. The exam will consist of multiple essay questions. Please don’t forget to bring a copy of the article with you, so that you will be able to have it available for your reference.

You may highlight the article but you cannot write anything on your copy. Be prepared to identify issues, sources of the issues, and formulate/justify your recommendations. Should you have any questions in the course of your preparation, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call me. Good luck! Language, Culture, and Communication • the context of language-based communication • low-context cultures and explicit communication • high-context cultures favor a more diffuse communication style • communication on the Internet • ethnocentrism • stereotypes

Intercultural Marketing Communications I • clarifying the brand identity • achieving visibility through identity-building brand exposure • involving the consumer in brand-building experiences Intercultural Marketing Communications II • service essentials • the five lessons pertaining to services Great Leaps, Persistence, and Innovation: The Evolving Story of Hyundai • Hyundai’s three-fold strategy • the three pillars of Hyundai’s philosophy The Art and Science of Managing the New Global Corporation

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• Napoleon’s words of wisdom • being part of the solution vs. eing part of the problem • the differences between managing a privately held business and managing a publicly held business • the leadership model of the Carlson Industries (i. e. , the various components of the circle) Marketing the Arts: The Secret Weapon • the importance of mission for not-for-profit organizations • the important issue of economic nature and the influence of innovation on achieving productivity gains • the third challenge in running arts organizations • the mantra of running a successful arts organization • the two types of marketing according to Michael Kaiser • the two audiences that art organizations cater to

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