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The Glass Menagerie- By: Tennessee Williams Setting- After the Great Depression, before World War II; 1937 In SST. Louis, Missouri The Way Tennessee Williams broke away from straight realist staging: 1 . Had his major character also be the narrator (Tom Winnfield) 2. Incorporated a screen device into his plays to emphasize important details and actions on stage 3. Removed props 4. SE of lighting Problem with memory play: Details could be omitted or left out; biased, exaggerated details Symbolism- a person, place, or object that has its own meaning but can suggest other meanings as well Genre- Tragedy 3. Death off Salesman- By: Arthur Miller Genre- Tragedy Setting- Late sass's; Brooklyn- Present; Boston- Flashback Tense- Past and Present Protagonist- Wily or Biff Loan Antagonist- Wily or Biff Loan American Dream- an antagonist dream

This play attacks the materialistic aspect of the American Dream He believes the achievement of wealth and success without integrity Background information is given through flashback Flashback- action that interrupts to show an event that happened in an earlier time which is necessary for understanding Expressionism- when an artist distorts reality to create an emotional effect Parental Dilutions- parents who have high expectations set for their children 4. A Streetcar Named Desire- By: Tennessee Williams Setting- New Orleans, Louisiana; sass Protagonist-Balance Dubos Conflicts 1. Balance Vs..

Self 2. Balance Vs.. Stanley II. Short Answer The Glass Menagerie Techniques to break away from straight realistic staging 1. He had his major character also be the narrator (Tom Winnfield) 2. Incorporated a screen device into his plays to emphasize important details and actions on stage Key words he would want the audience to recognize 3. Removed props Distracting; Allows to concentrate more on character plot 4. Use of lighting Dimmed the lights; Low and hazy; Memory play Tennessee Williams used 4 different techniques to break away from straight realistic tagging and make his pays different than others.

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First, he made his main character in the play also be the narrator. In The Glass Menagerie, Tom Winnfield is both the main character and the narrator because it is his memory and told from his point of view. Also, he eliminated the use of props in some scenes. Williams believed props were a distraction and taking them away would help the audience focus on character development and plot. Tennessee Williams also used a screen device. The screen device displayed several words he would want the audience to recognize to guide them to think or feel a certain way.

Lastly, he dimmed the lighting to create a hazy look. This lighting effect would help the audience remember the play was from memory. Death of a Salesman Techniques to distinguish past from present/reality from illusion 1 . Stage Directions/ Setting 2. Character's Appearance and illusion. These techniques include character appearance, setting change, and stage directions. For example, young Wily Loan was very fast moving and energetic. However, old Wily Loan is grumpy, slow moving, and dull. An example of setting change would be from the Loan's household to either Boston or a football field.

Incorporated with setting change is stage directions. They indicate when the setting changes. For example, in the past, the Loan household was surrounded with many trees, leaves, and beautiful scenery. However, in the present, the house in surrounded by apartment buildings and the mood is dark and dull. Streetcar Named Desire Difference between this play and The Glass Menagerie with regards to the theme of illusion as an approach to reality The Glass Menagerie is hazy and filtered based off of memory. A Streetcar Named Desire is crude and more forward to reality. The Merchant of Venice

Conflict/Resolution The conflict in The Merchant of Venice is that Bassoon is poor and needs Antonio help him woo Portia. Antonio can only turn to Shylock, who is Jewish and thus hated. Antonio has to sign away a pound of his flesh as a guarantee on Bassoon's loan. Bassoon finally gets a go at Portia, but he's got to pick the right casket. The resolution occurs when Portia reveals everything and Antonio is rich again. Portia accepts Notation's apology and goes even further, ensuring that, even if he's lost his friend, he's got his money back. Ill. Long Answer 1 .

Tragedy/Tragic Hero (A Streetcar Named Desire/Balance Dubos by Tennessee Williams) Balance Dubos is a tragic hero because she has a tragic flaw that ultimately leads to her downfall. Blanches flaw is her inability to accept reality or where she is right now. She lives her life in illusion to escape her reality. However, she is forced to face reality after her sister's husband, Stanley, raped her. After this occurrence, Balance starts to go crazy and insane. She is sent to a mental institution. 2. Characteristics of a One Act Play (He Said She Said by Alice Greenberg) Origin- may be traced to the very beginning of drama

Unities- conform to the Classical Unities of drama developed by the philosopher Aristotle; unity of time, unity of place, and unity of subject Unity of Time- He Said She Said takes place within 24 hours Unity of Place- He Said She Said takes place in one setting, the Helmsman' household gossiping Time- usually between 10-40 pages long He Said She Said is 16 pages long Setting- one scene He Said She Said all takes place in the Helmsman' living room Plot- simple; one of the most important elements to any play is conflict Gossiping Characters- differ from full-length plays in their scope; fewer characters or a more impel setting; focused on a main character and a single incident or goal; little time for subplots; usually 4 or less characters Felix, Enid, Mrs..

Packard, and Diana Exposition- most avoid extensive exposition In He Said She Said, it gives the background information that Felix and Enid Hellman have a great relationship. This is necessary for proper understanding because the plot is relevant Subtext- unspoken thoughts and motives of the characters?what they really think and believe; seldom breaks through the surface of the dialogue except in moments of extreme conflict; gives the performers something o do] Stage Direction- contains simple and direct stage direction 3. Motivation (Wily Loan/Death of a Salesman) Wily Loan's death in Death of a Salesman is a result of his motivation.

His motivation was his want to provide and supply for his family, and also his want to prove to Biff that he was right. Wily knew that if he died, his insurance money would be given to his family so they could live good, happy lives. Also, Wily wanted to prove to Biff that he was right about being personally attractive and liked was all that mattered. Through his death, Wily was hoping to show to Biff that he was right by a on of people showing up to his funeral. Also, Wily died with a sense of personal dignity, believing he was right all along. 4. Contribution of a Minor Character (The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams) Jim O'Connor, a minor character in The Glass Menagerie, helps contribute to the character development of Laura.

Although he may be a minor character, his role in the play is necessary for plot development. He is the most realistic character in the entire play. He is a symbol of hope for Laura. Jim is the person that Laura and her family having been waiting for their whole lives because everything will change. 5. Dynamic and Static Character (A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams) Balance Dubos is a dynamic character in A Streetcar Named Desire. In the beginning, she used illusion to escape her reality. However, by the end of the play, she is forced to face reality when Stanley rapes her. From that point on, she was never the same. She went from being somewhat normal to completely insane.

Stanley is a static character because throughout the play he remains the same. From start to finish, he is very aggressive and never liked Balance. 6. Foil Character Merchant of Venice is a comedy because it fits the characteristics 1 . Young lovers struggling to overcome obstacles 0 Jessica and Lorenz are madly in love and want to be together, but Jessica father, Shylock, is trying to do everything he can to keep them from marrying. Also, Bassoon and Portia marry. 2. Mistaken Identity 0 Jessica deceives her father when she disguises herself as a boy and runs off to marry Lorenz. Portia cross dresses as a male lawyer and shows up in the courtroom to defend Antonio 3.

Clever plot twist with multiple plot lines 0 2 main plots: Bassoon's adventure playing the lotto to win a rich wife, and Schlock's recruits of Notation's pound of flesh 4. Puns 0 Marriage; Just about everybody is married (Lorenz and Jessica) (Bassoon and Portia) Antonio is a comic hero because he has a minimal level of personal charm and worth of character who wins the audiences approval. The audience likes Antonio because he values friendship and love. Antonio is also a Christian which The Merchant of Venice favors Christians instead of Jews. Antonio is a worthy character because he risks his own life in the hands of Shylock to lend money to give to his best friend, Bassoon, to win Portrait's heart.

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