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Lead “Respect-Innovation-Teamwork and Dedication

Essay Topic:

1. Your using the Internet Internet has long been said to create life-changing impacts on the whole world. And I’m no exception as this worldwide network is an indispensable part of my daily life. First, it opens the global media and communication for me. Currently a student living far away from home, with the efficient help of the Internet, I can write email and have an online talk with my parent’s and other family members, at any time we feel convenient. This advancement also grants me access to various mearns of entertainment, from my top-rated movies to the articles on the Times Magazine.

On top of that, Internet redefines my way of collecting knowledge.

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Instead of looking up in huge books or turning through thousands pages of an encyclopedia, just typing the keyword in a search engine and a click is enough to get more than what you expect. As long as you are conscious of some faulty information, doing research online is a great idea. When assigned a paper or an essay on a subject, I don’t have to go through piles of books to collect data. With a computer connected to Internet, I can comfortably complete my research, which saves both my time and effort.

And lastly, Internet provides me with the chance to study online inexpensively. Taking online foreign language courses, downloading precious e-books, attending lectures by famous university worldwide are some benefits of this. Overall, it seems to me that going online is advantageous in many ways. 2. A famous company You’ve probably heard of VAIO notebooks and ultrabooks, Walkman MP3 players, Cyber-shot ddigital cameras, PlayStation or Bravia TVs. Yes, I’m talking about Sony Corporation, a famous Japanese firm based right at the heart of Tokyo.

Primarily focused on Electronics, Game, Entertainment and Financial Services, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products for the consumer and professional markets and has historically been notable for creating its own in-house standards for new recording and storage technologies, instead of adopting those of others. The name Sony is derived from the Latin word “sonus” (sound) and a slang word “sonny,” which connotes smart and presentable young men. First started with only $530 in 1946 as “Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation,” the company, known as Sony since 1958, has go through many ups and downs.

They started doing business in the USA in the 1960s and played a major role in the development of Japan as a powerful exporter during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. Their production quality significantly contributed to promoting the “Made in Japan” brand worldwide. What’s more, it’s Sony that encourages the development of the Compact Disc in the 1980s and the PlayStation in 1990s. Its media presence also greatly expands in this time with the purchase of CBS Records and Columbia Pictures. However, they did experience some problems.

Amid the global recession in the 1980s, analysts used to say “It’s over for Sony,” while the 1990s saw its unrewarding expansion into new businesses. And for the mid-to-late 2000s, it became known for its stagnancy, with a fading brand name. Despite all of the above, Sony with the slogan “make. believe” still remains my dream future working place. 3. Your health and fitness I really like a healthy lifestyle, and that’s why I take up daily jogging. The place that I go jogging from 5pm to 6pm each day is the Thong Nhat Park, which is only 1km from my house. The main reason why I think this aactivity healthy is because it helps me relaxed.

My daily life involves a lot of stress, due to the heavy workload both at school and at my part-time workplace. Usually, the first 15 minutes is spent on my day recap- whether it was a good day filled with great news or a terrible and forgettable day. But gradually all these stress and strains of my life disappear. The mere thought in my head at this time is all about the beauty of the lakes, the green fields and gusts of wind blowing. As I count every step of mine on the road, I just forget all and feel like I am refreshed, like all the things I’m worry about are eased.

By the time I come back, I feel fresh as a daisy and ready to get shined, changed to go back to work. And of course, it also keeps me fit and healthy. In general, it’s an all-round exercise, and I absolutely love it. 4. An unforgettable memory with our class Up to now, college life has been great for me. 5. A modern product you like Some people may think about computer when talking about a favorite modern product of theirs, or they even consider it of utmost importance. But I’d say television. Ever since this wonderful invention, human history has started a new page.

First, TV allows us to learn about what’s going on the world and grasp new knowledge inexpensively. Simply by sitting at home in front of the screen, an FTU student, for example, still knows that there’s a great tsunami and earthquake in Japan or watches American President Obama’s live speech. Such useful information from around the globe enables us to get a better understanding of the world we are currently living in. Or you can take my friend for another example. Her family couldn’t afford the high tuition fees of preparation courses for the university entrance exam.

So she decided to watch and learn from the TV series “Luyen thi dai hoc. ” And she passed the exam with flying colors, thanks to TV. What’s more, TV provides a wide vvariety of interesting programs that many enjoy after a long working day. The visual effects shown in movies, dramas, music shows makes people feel less stressed and relaxed. Imagine how excited you will be when meeting your favorite actor in the latest episode of a Korean drama after completing your assignment, with the help of TV, of course. Plus, TV offers numerous shows and series which cater for various groups’ taste.

This explains why it remains popular regardless of other mearns of communication’s rapid development. For all of the above, television is among my top choices. 6. Vietnamese business culture The recent years have seen a constantly increasing number of foreigners doing business in Vietnam, and it’s vital that they know basic Vietnamese business etiquette. In my opinion, demonstrating proficiency in Vietnamese business culture will certainly impress our partners. The meeting etiquette in Vietnam is generally warm and accepting; so ensuring your success and prosperous collaboration is all about following some simple rules. First, be prepared.

Some basic knowledge about the South East Asia region and Vietnam in particular is enough. Second, you should establish trust with your Vietnamese partner, as they consider it of prime importance. It’s the tie building from trust that binds Vietnamese society. What’s more, you should learn the language. You can easily communicate with them in English, but as in any other country, local people appreciate foreigners who can speak and use Vietnamese in contexts. It’s the fastest way to get immersed in this Asian culture and customs. Conversational business Vietnamese is in no way difficult compared to some other Asian languages.

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