The Pros and Cons of Television Shows and Programs: Analyzing the Impact of Teamwork and Drinking

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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In today’s world our society is constantly being bombarded by television shows and programs. As such, we ourselves, as members of this society must look at both the pros and cons of these shows and programs. Of all of the pros and cons of these shows, the ones that are really pronounced are teamwork, drinking, ethics, doing drugs, family orientated activities, and partying. As we progress on our time here on Earth, we are constantly considering these possibilities and the effect they have on ourselves and our children.Teamwork and drinking are two of the most commonly discussed and featured part of our world. No matter where we go or what we do there is always the constant reminder of teamwork.

When you look at an ad on the billboard or see a commercial on the television we are always thinking and questioning our values. We value our friendships as a team and what we can do for each other. On the other hand, we are always seeing those commercials on the television about how it is illegal to drive drunk.Take a look at the television show Family Guy. This show has been out for about eight seasons and you can see how much of both teamwork and drinking there is in it. Depending on the severity of the situation Peter, the main character, has an excessive amount of beer in his system. Although beer is bad, when Peter is drunk he is more of a comedian and we laugh at how funny he is acting.

We can see all of this occurring in season 1, episode 1. Other factors that subliminally affect our lives are ethics and doing drugs.If you really think about it, life itself is an ethic. How do people choose whether or not to start another life? Looking at the reality TV show, 16 and Pregnant, we can see how the young men and women at the ripe age of sixteen have to make a choice that will affect them the rest of their lives. A huge decision at such a young age really makes you grow and learn as a person fast. Even as a kid, you are introduced to drugs; whether it’s a cigarette that someone’s parents are smoking or whether you see a high school kid smoking a blunt.The things we see and do at our age affects our lives forever.

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Making the conscience decision to give life to a baby that you made is a major part of our life. One of those reasons affects me the most. Having two daughters of my own, I watch that reality TV show and it brings its own version of reality to me. I do not even want to begin to think about when my daughter will get pregnant. Hopefully my daughters will not become pregnant by a guy that does drugs!No matter what situation, we are constantly subliminally reminding ourselves of our ethics and our personal views of drugs. Family oriented activities and partying are the shell to our egg. As we look at the reality TV show Run’s House, we can learn and teach as a family together.

You know most of the things that you have learned in life to this day came from some member of your family. Whether it was a parent or brother, cousin or nephew we all learn our basic skills in life as a family.Being able to identify those things from a reality television show just goes to show how much of an impact this has on our life. Partying is a major thing that is not portrayed in Run’s House; we can see how the parents try to prevent their kids from getting involved with partying all day every day. Nevertheless, these parents also demonstrate to their kids that although partying can bad for you it still is good to have in small quantities or at least party the right way. Instead of going out with your friends every weekend try and stay at home with your family.Watch a reality TV show together and try to discuss how much your own family can learn things from their family.

Maybe sometimes these ideas and feelings will bring a family unit closer together. So before you decide to just look at one side of the argument or the other consider this. How much affect do these television reality shows have on my family? In turn how do these issues affect the affect I am having on my children. Whichever one you decide remember how these ads and programs can affect our judgment.

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