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Introduction to Marketing Persuasive Essay

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Questionnaires: Questionnaires consist of a list of questions that can be used to obtain feedback such as a spoc which is used at colleges to find out information such as if a student is enjoying their course etc. The Oldham College recently gave all of the students a spoc which was to get their feedback about the college for e.g. if they feel safe and satisfied by their course. By doing a spoc the college is able to find out how many students are satisfied with their course, tutors and so on; this helps the college as they can use their research to see who’s happy and who isn’t, thereon they are able to make changes if necessary for their market plan.

Suggestion box: A suggestion box is a box that is used for people to put suggestions inside, this is a good way for a college to get and consider suggestions as people may want to make their suggestions anonymously. The Oldham College students are able to make suggestions to the college through their suggestion box; if the majority of the students make the same suggestion then the college could consider making changes in their marketing plan.

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Introduction to Marketing Persuasive Essay

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Student reps: The students union of The Oldham College are able to talk with each other and hear out the students suggestions, ideas and any complaints there may be; therefore they are there to put forth suggestions or complaints on behalf of the students, if the college feels that the suggestions made are necessary or that it may be of benefit they could consider making changes to their marketing plan to satisfy their students.


Gov stats: Government statistics are official data collected from colleges, schools etc. which is released to the public; a person can then see which college has better success rates and how many people join them and so on. When government statistics are released showing the achievements and how many students are joining the different colleges such as their competitor’s, this helps The Oldham College to evaluate their different aspects; this allows them to take good measures.

Newspapers: Newspapers are a good way of collecting data, such as how colleges advertise their courses to the public; when competitors advertise courses in the newspapers and/or magazines The Oldham College is able to see what kind of courses they advertise and how; for e.g. if it’s plain text or images and so on. This gives them an idea of what courses are mainly being advertised and will help their marketing plan as they can do the same or do it and improve their advertising compared to their competitors.

Competitor’s website: A competitors website can be looked at by its rival such as The Oldham College as they can see their competitor’s website to gather data from them such as what courses they offer and how they advertise their courses through their website; this helps The Oldham College’s marketing plan as they are able to see if there is any way they can improve their way of advertising and even their website with the aim of attracting new students to the college, this would be done through making changes to their existing marketing plan.

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