Vitaquest Introduction to Marketing

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The integration of the internet into the business cycle has revolutionized today’s marketing strategies. Unlimited possibilities await companies that use the technology of e-commerce in selling and promoting their products. Vitaquest International is one such organization that fully takes advantage of this new marketing landscape that resulted in higher profits, major expansions, and acquisitions. Located at West Caldwell in New Jersey, Vitaquest is a custom developer, manufacturer, and marketer of vitamins and nutritional supplements here and abroad.

It has three divisions with over 3,000 products. To strengthen its traditional marketing channel of direct selling and mail order, Vitaquest now maintains a website that allows the company to do business without the barriers of time or distance leveraging its product lines across a diverse customer base. The site increases the visibility and presence of Vitaquest to all people since it is easily accessible through the internet.

In addition, it provides important detailed information about the company, its industry, operations, product development, quality system, news updates, contacts, and even a virtual tour. With e-commerce, customers can search with ease Vitaquest’s large catalogs of products with corresponding descriptions and see the actual price as well as get immediate answers for their inquiries. They can also reduce their time spent in resolving discrepancies and in looking for the right product. Through the automated process, the company can lower its transaction cost while making larger purchases per deal.

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This marketing tool means a lot of savings for the company as it reduces time and personnel to complete a business agreement and the costs of advertising, promotions and documentation. Utilizing this technology, Vitaquest can extend its geographical reach around the world attracting more customers, expand customer base, and retain the loyalty of its customers.


Vitaquest International, Inc. (2006). The World's Leading Custom Manufacturer of Nutritional Products. West Caldwell, NJ. Retrieve August 28, 2006, from http://www. vitaquest. com.

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