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Introduction of Event Marketing

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Introduction In the following, the feasibility analysis will define whether possible to organize the Game before 2030 in Hong Kong. game refers to the biggest multi-sport games after the Olympic game. There are 58 disciplines in this game. Also, it is the biggest event in the Asian countries. This game is helped by the Olympic Council of China. They're part of member organized the event every four years. (Olympic Council of China) Feasibility analysis 1. This event is a good idea Asian game can increase the awareness of sporting and the Hong Kong athletes can exchange the experience and communicate with another sport man/sport woman.

It can improve the sporting infrastructure in Hong Kong and to meet the international standard of these sport equipments. Through the communication with other countries athlete, it can exchange the experience to gain more knowledge to perform the sport and the sport event well even to create the opportunity to organize another sport event to do so. Moreover, it can increase the importance of sport, to deliver the message of becoming a healthier person through sufficient physical exercise. It can increase the people’s willingness to doing exercise because they can know more about the sporty stuff via the Asian Game too.

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This game can attract more tourists to come to Hong Kong to visit the event and to visit the many attractions here to raise the reputation on it. 2. We have the skills required to plan and run the event In the past, Hong Kong held 5th East Asian game successfully. (Agency for volunteer service) This organization helps to enroll the volunteers to involvement in the East Asian Game previously. It is important for us to organize the similar event like the Asian Games. Moreover, Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department organize amount of the sport event successfully in Hong Kong (Appendix 3)

We have the experience in conducting the sport event like Hong Kong Seven. It enriches our experience in sports event. (Hong Kong Sevens) Moreover, in 2008, Olympic and Paralympics Equestrian Events also organized in Hong Kong successfully. Moreover, we can seek the Olympic Council to transfer experience and allocate the helpers and planners to us to facilitate the event. Asian Game since 1951 and it held 16 times so as to have many good examples to refer with. In this case, we can sure the necessary skills, knowledge and capabilities can be fulfilled through various sources to support with. 3. Community is supporting the Asian games

There are two aspects to decide whether the community support. It refers to the government approvals and publicity efforts. Since we have enough skills, well-planning, and effective in allocating resources, it is not hard to get the government to approve this Asian Game. The supporting documents and evidence needs to submit to the government to get the permit. Before submitting to the government, we should seek the options of the residents who are nearing the event’s location. Normally, we need some helpers to collect the option of the residents, to conduct the survey with the citizen to persuade them to involve in this event.

In this case, most of them will agree with the event because it is the international sport event and can enhance the reputation of Hong Kong. After the agreement of them, we need the publicity to help us to promote the event in a positive way to gain the government approve and support. 4. We have the infrastructure in the community The place that used to conduct the sport event is sufficient. There are many locations available to conduct the event. We can use the resources that are used in East Asian Games previously. Firstly, the Victoria park swimming pool is available to organize the swimming competition. Appendix 1) There have the parking space near the Swimming pool Also, it's near the Tin Hau MTR station, have a bus stop on the Hing Fai Street (Appendix 2) In addition, there is Taxi stop, Mini bus stop , tram stops Near the MTR station. The audience of the swimming event can use these transportation tools to go and leave for the event. Moreover, there are lots of Leisure Facilities which are located in Hong Kong. (See Appendix 4) All of them have enough parking spaces, good transportation network, well-constructed roads and tracks, huge exhibition area, supplement of electronic power, water and heating and good as sewage treatment. . Can we get a venue at a price we can afford? According the Previous Press release, running a sport event used around 2. 4 billion and received around 1. 17 billion. We expected that the expenditure of Asian Games is 3. 4 billion and the revenue of 2. 17 billion. We can find sponsors to support the cost of decoration and catering to reduce the expenditure of the Asian Games. Moreover, the venue of the competition has a regular period to maintain the quality of the venue and the equipment in order to achieve the international standard requirements. We need to gain the safety teams to help to dialogues the sport person’s safe.

St John is mainly responsible for the large scale of different kinds of event. It keeps to providing the first aid service in Hong Kong. (Please refer to Appendix 6) The venue manager is important when running the event, also, it is a critical role to decide whether the event successful so that he is necessary to monitor the arrangement of the venue. 6. Will the event attract media support? The Asian Games event will attract media support because it has over 20 countries to join our event so that the media must broadcast the event two or from the country.

Most of the promotion tools rely on the sport event time interval to charge higher prices so that the media will support this game. Most of the company will place heavy advertisement during this period to enhance the awareness of them so that the media will encourage that kind of event. Moreover, the media can enrich the information and to deliver to their audience, to shape the issue, to trigger the discussion of the event. Moreover, the media is more willing to support the government-based event because the government will place advertisement in different media periodically.

Once the media help the government, the opportunity to place the advertisement or public release in the media will increase. 7. The event is financially viable There are many ways to raise the capital to cover the costs. The sponsorship is the key sources of capital. We can find different sponsors to help us to facilitate the event. Omega companies can take responsibility on timing service. FedEx can help to deliver the materials which are related to the sport event. HSBC can sponsor some part of our expenses. Nike can sponsor the clothes of the sport person.

Samsung can support all of LED display monitors. Although is it a vast investment in this event, the raising capital is not hard to complete once it is well-arranged. Also, we can sell the souvenirs to enhance the revenue. Some of the audience prefer to buy in memory of this event or as a gift to others. 8. The event will attract audiences Through the media and community support, it is sure attracting audience interest. Added up the government, it enhances the involvement of citizens. Also, the sponsors will help us to spread out the information about the event.

Moreover, it is an international event in Hong Kong which it only once upon a time so that it is the selling point of this event. People can see the sport man who are coming from different and not coming before the event. The Uniqueness of this event is attractive for the audience. It brings benefits for the audience to observe the performance of them which is coming from various countries. 9. The success criteria are reasonable We can referring the past experience of organizing with the event and believe that this event is very attractive for the audience and the community, edia, government and sponsors will support us because it bring a lot of benefits for them. Enhance the awareness of them is a good example to illustrate this situation. Also, we are financially affordable, it enhance the opportunity for success as well. We can deliver the importance of sporting to the Hong Kong’s citizen success through the tools that mentioned above so that it is possible to gain success. The purpose of communicating with the sport man/woman is achieved in this event. Exchange the experience of against the competition also useful for them. 10. What are the risks?

There have risks when running the event. It refers to the management risk and weather risk. Firstly, it is difficult to sure that all things are in control. It should have many meetings to communicate with a different department to maintain the consistency of the direction. Secondly, the weather is difficult to predict with 100% accurately so that is should provide other alternatives and to plan the arrangement of delay on competition. Conclusion To conclude, this event is worthy to start with because it brings a lot of long term benefits to the worldwide so that it should be going to run the event.

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