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International Marketing Persuasive Essay

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In addition, the celebrations. Com we Bessie informs that there now exists a huge gap between the rich and the poor in BRB jail, which would lessen when poor people have access to education and the opportunity to develop reading skills. In a recent article dated October 1 , 2013, the www. Goalposts. Com website reports that Brazil now experiences disappointing economic growth. Despite President Dilemma Recourses efforts to revive the economy with stimulus packages and TA x cuts, the GAP grew only 0. 6 percent and both stock market and currency rates plume Ted.

Other economic problems in Brazil include: "high salary costs, falling productivity, an d terrible 2 logistical bottlenecks that Rousseau has not yet addressed" . In addition, Humblers Barbara, president of BEANIE, a lobby group for the elect Nils industry, predicts that unless infrastructure resolves its problems, industry will I continue to suffer. The website also informs that household consumption grew just 0. 1 percent due to inflation which adversely affected the purchasing power of consumers. In order to combat the problem of high inflation Brazil has increase seed interest rates.

Brazier's business leaders have also encore raged Rousseau to reform tax a ND labor costs "so factories can regain their competitiveness at home and abroad" . Although Brazil now experiences these problems, the article states that Brazier's economy still flourishes in some areas. These areas include: low unemployment, strong foreign investment levels, Recourses approval rate of 80 percent, and a strong harvest and increased agricultural activity. In addition, Guide Ma enter (Brazier's Finance Minister) asserts that the investment growth trend will contain u.

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The article concludes with David Reese' (an economist for Capital Economics in Loon don) suggestion that Brazil should rebalanced the economy towards investment in 0 order to create growth rates of five percent, which investors want to see . A recent article in The Economist titled ' 'The Price is Wrong," and dated September 28, 2013 reports that "Brazil offers appalling value for money" . The article states that a pizza in Brazil costs 530 and also that a cheap, windowless hotel room in ROI costs $250/ night.

The article also reports that 3 payroll taxes are 58% Of salary, that a Broadminded car costs 45% less in Mix than in Brazil, that a smartened costs 50% more than in the US, and that large domestic appliances and cars cost 50% more than in other Mendocino coo entries. The article presents the following reasons why these problems exist in Brazil: or infrastructure, high crime rates that necessitate an army of 650,000 security g awards, expensive office rents, expensive credit, decreased household consumption, a decreased exports of manufacturing goods.

The article explains that the Brazil liana people go on foreign shopping sprees in order to make more economical purr chases and to avoid the "Custom Brazil" which "refers to the increased operational costs ass associated with doing business in Brazil, making Brazilian goods and services more expel noise compared to other countries" ( www. Economist Another recent article in , titled "Stuck in the Mud," and dated June 8, 201 3 describes the current economic growth of Brazil as feeble limited.

The article informs that Brazil now experiences a trade deficit, a shrink king primary fiscal surplus, and growing government debt mainly due to domestic rigidities. The article also discusses Dilemma Recourses efforts to "stimulate growth by hike Eng public spending and the minimum wage, and forcing starters banks to lend more" . Again, despite these efforts, consumer confidence continues to suffer, which greatly impairs economic growth.

The government (the Centre al Bank) has responded by increasing base interest rates to 8% in addition to eliminate g a tax on foreign purchases of bonds in order to increase currency inflows and to "slow the weakening Of the real" . The government has also attempted to 4 solve these problems by encouraging investment and discouraging consumption Ion. However, these efforts proved unsuccessful for the steamrollered oil giant p terrors, for the grandmotherly industry, and for the electricity and banking industry sees.

Other attempts to correct the dismal situation include: investments in the oil industry Y, the government's attempts to attract bidders to its road and rail concessions, and stimulating sales to increase business confidence. However, the challenging a ND diverse political landscape in Brazil, as well as Recourses inability to be diploma attic, will most likely cause further corrective actions to be unsuccessful. The majority of their population (87%) resides in urban areas. The largest city in Brazil is SAA Paulo with about 20 million residents. Ri o De Jeanine, where the 2016 Summer Olympics will be held, is the second largest c tit with about 12 million residents.

In terms of diversity, over half of Brazier's residents are Caucasian and the sec 5 largest group is mulatto (mixed), making up almost 40% of the total population n. The official and most widely spoken language is Portuguese. The largest religious group IS Roman Catholic, with almost thirds of the demographic. A vast majority of Brazilian are literate with 89% of the population fifteen years old and over be inning able to read and write. Cultural information Sports are very popular and important in Brazil.

Most citizens regularly follow participate in various sport activities. The most popular sport in Brazil is foot all (American soccer). It is said that football "... Is in the blood of the people of Bra Brazier's tropical climate is excellent for playing and practicing football. Brazil is also the only country to have participated in and qualified for all of the Football World Cups to date. The Brazilian soccer team is known all over the world for their brilliant Pl areas. Everyone in Brazil, from small villages to large cities, is known to go crazy for t heir country during the World Cup.

Brazilian are known for the pride they feel for their country during sporting events. Brazil holds the most wins for the World Cup with five wins, known to Brazilian as the "Pentane". The most dollied Brazilian soccer Pl areas are Cafe, Aid, Ronald, and Reinhold. Sports such as sailing and golf are considered to be for the high class and are not accessible to the general public. Brazilian also enjoy footloose, basketball l, tennis, auto racing, and volleyball. Women's football has gathered an increasing share of interest in Brazil.

The country's SST ring of successes in volleyball since the midnight century have made it Brazier's second most 6 popular sport. Municipal governments often provide volleyball courts and 10th recreational equipment for the country's beaches, including ROI De Jeaneries FAA moss Copernican and Panama. Brazier's beaches are gathering places for young pee people, the more athletic of which play football and various racket games. Brazilian chasm pincushion of beach football and volleyball draw thousands of spectators and television.

Brazil has competed in every Olympic Games since 1920, except the 1 928 Summer Games in Amsterdam. It has been successful in many events, include Eng transfixed, swimming, yachting, and such team sports as football, volleyball l, and basketball. In 2009 the International Olympic Committee selected ROI De Jeanie or as the site of the 201 6 Summer Games. It was the first city in South America to be chi seen to host the Olympics.

Background on Underarm (Mary Kate) under Armor, a relatively new company was established in 1 998 by a former University of Maryland football player, Kevin Plank, who was sick of repeatedly changing his sweat soaked Theists during football camp and took it upon him elf to invent a new type of This that would keep athletes cool, dry and light by rep ailing moisture. Under Armor has come a long way from young Kevin Plank selling Theists along the east coast out of his grandma's basement on November 18, 2005 Under Armor went public and became the first Seabed initial public offering to do blew on the first day in five years.

Over the years the company began to expand its pr duct line to providing clothing for different weather temperaments, creating equipment t for various 7 sports fields, as well as developing lines for women and children. They have e expanded from the clothing collegiate sports team and now sponsor numerous professor Anal sports teams and world's athletes which include Olympian, national champions, etc. They have expanded in a global scale to Europe, China, Canada, Japan, parts of LATA America and are known as a global leader in performance footwear, apparel, accessories.

Today, Under Armor has revenues approaching $2 billion dollar s and continues to maintain its mission to "make all athletes better through passion , design, and the relentless pursuit for innovation by creating exchanging products t hat provide an advantage for athletes. " Under Armor takes its corporate responsibility very seriously. As outlined on its companies website, AU operates under the core values with which the comma NY was established: innovation, inspiration, reliability, and integrity.

They only seek to do business with third parties that operate under these values as well. Under Ar ours products are made by thirdly manufacturers: consequently, they hold these e third parties to the high standards in which they hold themselves. AU will not do buy seines with any companies that use any form of forced labor, child labor, or harass .NET/abuse on their employees. The CIA suppliers and subcontractors must provide their employees with a safe and healthy working environment and comply with all laws and re solutions.

AU must provide employees with at least legally mandated minimum wage an d benefits. The employees of CIA and its suppliers or subcontractors are not forced to woo ark more Han 48 hours with 12 hours overtime and countries that have no limit on how RSI worked must provide one day Off out Of every seven days Of work. CIA complies with a 8 environmental regulations, rules, and standards as well as making all subsonic reactors and contractors comply with all local, state, federal, national, and international I laws, rules, and regulations in the company of manufacture.

The suppliers and sub contractors are regularly monitored by ALGA internal employees and third party contractors . As well as taking corporate responsibility seriously, CIA prides itself on its community involvement. They created CIA Giveback which partners with prior ms that are dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer, environmental sustainability , supporting military and law enforcement, and empowering youth athletes. From a marketing perspective, Under Armor target athletes of all ages as we as fans as they have entered into the collegiate and professional sports appear el market.

Internationally, this is an asset to the company as well as having lines of cloths Eng for all ages and genders. AU has unique temperature specific clothing that can cater to the specific temperaments as they expand on a global level. However, it appears as if Under Armor is heavily rooted in its football background in America which el eaves room to question the company's success on an international level as it tries to break free of its American football image in countries where the sport is nearly nonexistent.

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