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As cited, the strategic synergy of support to small business sectors in Saudi Arabia will outline a business environment that is positioned and directed towards achieving a stabilized domestic economic interdependence. It is therefore the primary function of the government to redirect its programs and supportive of the requirements in establishing the SMEs. Shalaby pointed out the important features in assessing the situation of establishing the SMEs in Saudi Arabia, correlating the endeavor for entrepreneurial interdependence.

To cite, the Saudi Arabia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) in the eastern part of the country has committed its program-support to the small business community, wherein it established the Small-Medium Enterprises Development Center (SMEDEC) to engage the support (Shalaby, 2004). As further cited, in view of SACCI program to support the small business sector through the SMEDEC, the following 10-point program objectives were formulated to enable the actualization of program-support (Shalaby, 2004):

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  1. Identification of the primary and secondary business sector relevant SMEDEC prioritization of program support;
  2. Defining and classifying the potential small-medium enterprise in the eastern provincial area;
  3. Determining and classifying the organizational category of small business sector based on membership information pertaining to nature of business, quantity of workforce and amount of capitalization;
  4. Evaluating the capability, organizational requirements and problems of the small-medium entrepreneurs;
  5. Determining the category of business, area of trade and business operation, workplace and business environment, process of production, market activities and financing;
  6.  Validating the knowledge-based sensitivity and entrepreneurial ability;
  7.  Pay attention to information of entrepreneur relating the interest, problem, expectation, recommendation and adaptability;
  8. Identification of programs and functions of both government or non-government organization to establish collaborative support;
  9. Appraise the level of performance and efficiency of small business entrepreneurs on how organizational resources are judiciously utilized or optimized;
  10.  Evaluating the result of examination and formulate proposals that shall effectively draw the SMEDEC program of action or implementing guidelines.

It may be interpreted, the requirements that needs the functionality of government programs could be identified, such as the on aspects of

  1. providing socio-cultural and technical education to promote the foundation of knowledge and learning abilities,
  2. organizing of intra-provincial-regional business units to mobilize a resource-based economy,
  3. decentralization of an economic policy that shall develop provincial and regional programs according to specific resources and needs,
  4. promoting ancillary governmental policy on commerce and trade supportive of social marketing and domestic-based resource linkages to maintain the supply chain, and
  5. judicious networking of a nationalized economy to reach out the global demands and share of industry.

Based on the above interpretation and acknowledging Shalaby’s assessment, endeavoring entrepreneurial interdependence is effective of delivering the requirement and needs of domestic economy without totally closing the international relations or intending to enact a closed door economic policy. The nationalization of investments according to the “intrastate” activity of commerce and trade shall promulgate the value of self-reliance and self-sufficiency, polarizing the predominant effects of foreign investments. On the same manner, endeavoring entrepreneurial interdependence shall ensure the patterns of economic recovery by finding and resolving the scarcity of resources.

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