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This project will address the severe design flaws and the renovation needed to make the Ellis Household a more comfortable living place. The severe lack of quality materials has shown through in our first couple months here and we need to change that. The house needs to be renovated, but to save money we will only be working on the first floor.

A second project consisting of the second floor and basement will come at a later date. Doing this home improvement also gives us the opportunity to increase the value of our home. Overview of Deliverables:

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  • Renovate the floors.
  • Renovate the walls
  • Renovate/Redesign the kitchen
  • Redesign the office.

Renovate the ceilings Specific Project Objectives and Success Criteria: A. The project goal is to completely renovate and redesign the first floor of our new house within one month from the start date of the project.

The Project Manager, Keith Ellis, will be accountable for giving the sponsor (his wife) Ashley Ellis with the scheduling status on a day to day occurrence.


The remodeling of the first floor of the Ellis Household will be done on an estimated funding of $20,000 dollars.


  • The first floor remodel of the Ellis Household will be need to meet all city, state, and national building codes before completely finished.
  • All deliverables will be inspected by a quality inspector before completion.
  • Goal is to increase house value by double the funding.

Primary Stakeholders and Roles: Mr. Keith A. Ellis – Project Manager/Co-sponsor/Cost and Financing/Procurement/ – Manage the overall project and meet with all sponsors to make sure project is to their terms. Ms. Ashley Ellis – Signoff Charter/Scope/Project Sponsor – Communicate with stakeholders, and have entire say on the project. She is the sole sponsor. Mr. Contractor Man – Contractor/Quality/Risk Manager/Communications/Staffing/Schedule Key Constraints: 1. If the materials and employee resources are not delivered on time, then the project delivery date will change. . All materials must be delivered to the house the Friday before the project start date.

Project must be completed in one month. The estimated budget must not exceed $20,000.

Key Assumptions:

  1. All materials for the renovation will be purchased from Home Depot/Lowes/etc and received no later than the Friday before the project start date.
  2. All renovations and remodeling will follow the City, State, and National Building Codes.
  3. The project can be completed in one month time and within the estimated budget of $20,000.

Signatures—The following people agree that the above information is accurate:

The deliverables of my project are the five level 2 tasks: renovate the loors, renovate the walls, renovate/redesign the kitchen, redesign the office, and renovate the ceilings. The tasks of these deliverables are the level 3 while the sub tasks are the level 4 in the WBS. I feel decomposed the WBS for my Home Improvement project just fine because each sub task told the sponsors, project team, stakeholders, etc. exactly what was going to be done in the project. It left no doubt what was going to happen. And like I just said, decomposing the project so in depth allows for the most control because it allows you as the project manager to know what is going on in your project.

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