Procter & Gamble: A Global Leader in Household Goods and Innovations, including Pampers Diapers

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The founders was James Gamble, a soap maker and William Procter, a candle maker and in Cincinnati in 1837. It is the producer of various everyday household goods. It is a key market leader within the consumer 140 countries, produces over 300 brands and has loyal customers worldwide. Company three business units: beauty (33%), health and well-being (21%), household care (46%). P&G delivers its goods to drug stores, mass merchandisers, membership club stores and grocery stores. Pampers" this is one of the most famous revolutionary products of the Procter and Gamble, founded by Victor Mills. Pampers was especially build to meet the mothers need in innovative product on the market which will lighten the wash of the cloth papers and also leakage of them. This product came in the late sass's. Procter & Gambles development of the diaper changed the diapering habits of consumers worldwide. Consumers moved from purchasing the cloth diapers to disposable diaper, which is better to children's skin, convenient to store, and has a good price comparing with cloth diapers.

The company's specialists developed an exceptional three-piece construction to take up the wetness, allocate it consistently and transmit fluid to the leaky core without passing it recessively to the skin. Procter and Gamble revived more than Just convenience ease and comfort for consumers. Pampers brought health benefits to babies who use Pampers. Clinical studies have shown that children who use Pampers have drier skin, and less frequent and less severe diaper skin complaint than those who use cloth diapers.

P diapers are now distributed to more than 80 countries worldwide, with this representing a major contributor to Procter and Gamble world profits. (P, n. D. ) 1. 2 Core customer issues The disposable diapers market is a very profitable. In ELK, there are about seven endured and fifty thousand births for each year and the diapers are usually worn for three years. It is represents a relatively short customer lifetime for Pampers. The arrival of the Huggins challenges Pampers' dominance of the traditional disposable diaper market in 1991.

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Huggins had earned 17% of the market by 1997 and it is reaching 30% in year 2000. Huggins continued to take share through a combination of competitive pricing and product innovation. One of the strengths of Huggins was promoted aggressively using their Mother and Baby Club and television. Huggins loud be the market leader in the fall of 2001 which is showed in growth pattern projections. Many mothers think that Huggins was the leader of market. When they interviewed, there was many discussion about latest news of Huggins.

It reflects the growing strength of the Huggins brand. Trend analysis and consumer research found that there are two key trends affecting Pampers' impact on the marketplace. The most up-to-date information from friends, the Internet or print replaces the way of UK mums in the way of making decisions and traditional reliance on advice from health professionals and parents. Pampers are forced by the proliferation of information channels to find out a new way to reduce the background noise to reach potential customers. DIM, 2012) To build sales and maintain customer loyalty by rewarding the consumer for purchasing their products, the customer loyalty programs are introduced by Pampers which include free samples, sweepstakes, sales promotions of coupons and rewards. Pampers uses direct marketing strategies to maintain customer loyalty once a consumer becomes a Pampers member. The strategies include sending pamphlets and brochures with important information about each development stage as the nonusers child grows while promoting their products that fit each particular stage.

While educating the consumer with valuable information pertaining to their growing child, Pampers is doing a great Job at promoting its products. Parents are offered the opportunity to share their baby's pictures with the whole social field by Pampers. It is showing marketers that being where your customers are the first step in toddling towards success in its "Love, Sleep and Play' campaign. It is launched in July 1 and runs until August 6 in year 2013. This campaign encourages moms and dads living in North America to upload pictures of their babies loving, playing and sleeping to the brand's Faceable page.

Then, Pampers will display the selected images on Twitter, the online gallery pages and Faceable. The communication manager of North America for Pampers, Mary Woods says social is a natural environment for the brand's customers because it's where they already converse with other parents, as well as with the brand. She also says Pampers collected more than 20,000 photo submissions in less than three weeks of the campaign's launch. (Else Duper, 2013) 3. 0 Role of direct mail in relation to other channel . Direr mail Pampers direct mail package come with a variety of shapes and sizes, making it become one of the most flexible direct marketing media. An envelope, a brochure, a letter and a response device are included in a standard direct mail package. It is to motivate the recipient to open the standard direct mail package. The envelope must differentiate itself from other mail by its size, appearance and any copy that might be written on it regardless of the volume of mail a person receives. It provides the opportunity to directly address the interests and concerns of the recipient.

The benefits of the detailed offer are usually clarified by the letter. Recipients are able to illustrate about the benefits of the offer from the brochure in letter. Illustrated brochures are used to sell services as well as products. The letter must include Response rates are generally higher when it is separated from the letter or brochure. Recipient can respond via telephone, toll-free numbers are always prominently displayed. The right timing, the right offer, the right person and the right format are factors in a successful direct marketing and it can be examined in direct mail.

Mailers can run a test mailing to determine the response from a list before "rolling out," or mailing the entire list by using computer technologies which can select a randomized name sample from any list. Direct mail provides the most cost-effective way of achieving the highest possible response in relation to the other direct marketing media. Telemarketing is much highest cost per response but it typically produces a higher response rate. 3. 2 Role of direct mail has changed since the arise of the Internet The role of direct mail has changed since the rise of the internet cause it slow, expensive and time consuming.

There are new technologies which are CRY codes in nowadays. It allows a customer to be taken from the printed piece to a web location by using a mobile smart device equipped with a camera and an internet connection. The marketer benefits from the physical attributes of printed mail while leveraging the power of online experiences for reinforcement of the message, persuasion, and better conversion with this technology. 3. 3 Role of TV (Interactive television) Pampers use interactive television (TV) as communication strategy.

Through the internet, interactive television combines the emotive strength of TV advertising with the depth and personalization available. It is the preferred interactive device in the home for nowadays and in the future. When the viewers are registered to receive a newsletter, data will be captured. The newsletter can be emailed to personal computer or television. Chance to see themselves and their babies on TV in the baby gallery or in the video area talking about baby development issues: 'real babies, real mums, real tips' are provided to parents.

It also offers consumers the opportunity to sit a frequently asked questions area and to give feedback. 3. 4 Role of Internet Procter & Gambles Pampers are good consumers struggle to establish and maintain differentiation from other disposable diaper brands percent. It is established to increase in a variety of ways, such as Pampers website (wry. Pampers. Com) basic product via an Internet site. Pampers Perks loyalty program which consumers have to collect points from Pampers diapers and wipes purchase and exchange them for the Sesame Street and Fisher-Price toys.

Recently the customers are provided a chance to in a Chrysler minivan filled with diapers through Pampers Fantastic Sweepstakes. There is a convenient way to send a supply of Pampers such as Fisher-Price toy to a friend are provided in Pampers Gifts Packs. Pampers Parenting Institute provides advice from experts in child care, health and development through Parent Pages and it delivered by e-mail and customized to each stage of life from the third trimester through age four. The purpose of Pampers Parenting Institute as a public service campaign is to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome visible driver.

Pampers is the second most popular baby care sites on the web with hundred million unique visitors per month because of the Pampers Parenting Institute. According to Advertising Age, consumers visiting the Pampers website are 30% more likely to buy effective. It provide unified communications which integrates e-mail, data transmission, instant messaging, voice transmission and electronic conferencing services. Web conferencing with Live Meeting, Microsoft Live Communications Server functionality and content management with Sharpening is the other services that included.

Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office Sharpening Server support multiple users with meeting schedules, shared calendars and mailboxes and Sharpening lists. Through offering support for customers, Customer Relationship Marketing provides competitive advantage to organization on a continuous basis while focusing on every customer's wants and needs ensuring that these are satisfied in the best way (Hut and Sped, 2004). This strategy are successfully reduces the amount of cost that have to spend to seek new customers and gained the loyalty from customers (Hut and Sped, 2004).

It shows the significance of managing the CRM and ensuring that all employees are well-equipped with knowledge of how to cope with any problems or complaints and how to treat customers that might happen from being involved directly with the customers (Taylor, 2007). Finally, Pampers has been successful in positioning its brand. They are consistent with their message and their consumers are well informed about their products. Pampers is successfully promoting its products while educating individuals about the developmental stages from newborns to toddlers.

Of course, there is always room for improvements. Extending the product line to include bath products is one recommendation. Some examples could include Pampers shampoos, soaps, lotions, and oils. Pampers could promote their product by including coupons within or on their packaging. This encourages customer loyalty by rewarding the consumer with extra savings. Maybe Pampers could come up with reward points by issuing membership cards and each time used they earn points that add up to Pamper dollars and then redeemed when purchasing any Pampers products.

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