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Importance of Participation

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This is a vital issue today that what is the purpose of electing the political parties to form the government. If we look the entire democratic process it completely gives the picture of non people oriented leadership establishments in political leadership, getting education, starting business doing any social services. The democracy's look is capitalist. Till we change this look and understand the democracy has given the first right to common people and that right is representative right and now we have to think how this right should be used by the common people to lead the society entering into the political institutions.

The representative right is now used by the wealthy classes in our society and they able to build the political parties and in maximum cases they constituted the constitutional framework that gives the political parties to come in front of the common people through election commissions registration process. If we seriously look into the function of election commission they should limit themselves to act for preparing the people's mandate giving programme and listing the voters, but they are doing some extra job given to them by the political leadership who want to remain in seat of power.

The democracy is the rule of the common people first using the representative right from the constitution directly  and forming the political institutions to workd for the people. After five years the election commission make the arrange ment for asking people to vote to these institutions which has been formed directly taken the representative right through the constitutional provision to establish the people's leadership in the political institutions. We have to change the capitalist huge social money costly system in people oriented simple and meaningful process.

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Importance of Participation

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Which could bring social unity among the world community and the capitalist people also feel for the society and remaining in the society and earning they mustnot ignore the social needs afterall society is supporting them to get the profit and taxes are not the only answer because taxes is to be collected to run the administration properly because present world social system, social centralised imagination is not thought about so every welfare programmes has been taken by the state and the result is that they unable to fulfill the people's desire.

So change the democracy and all political parties should correct the constitution of their country to include the people's commission provision to provide the people their first democratic right of The Representation  to form the political institutions in this way we can control the society and unite the people for better purpose. Peace, security and prosperity would come through the social system supported to political system.

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