Essays on Transformational Leadership

Essays on Transformational Leadership

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The Vision Failed

The Vision Failed Question 1: If I were to consult with the HTE board of director soon after Harold started making changes, I would advise them, regarding the transformational perspective, to follow carefully how Harold is implementing these. In fact, to benefit from those changes …

LeadershipPsychologyTransformational Leadership
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Henry Tam and Mgi Team

The third founder Alexandra (Sash) Compelling) is a 1987 MBA graduate from HOBS. Other MGM’ members include Dana Seaman (HOBS MBA student), Dave Clark (MIT graduate student), and Alexandra Jan Sarasota (Boston Berkeley College Music Business Management and Music Production and Engineering student). The founders …

ChemistryHuman NatureLeadershipTransformational Leadership
Words 1703
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Reflective Portfolio

Abstract This is a reflective essay looking at the author’s career expectations and working background. Models of reflection are used to examine the author’s experience and self learning in terms of career aspirations. Past working history, and the situation with jobs in the airline industry, …

LeadershipMotivationTransformational Leadership
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Meg Whitman – Ceo Ebay

Transactional leadership involves motivating and directing followers primarily through appealing to their own self-interest (Hellriegel, D. , & Slocum, J. W, Jr. 2009). In this case Meg Whitman’s leadership reflects transaction leadership through the focus on basic management process of controlling, organizing and short-term planning. …

EbayLeadershipTransformational Leadership
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The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Employee Motivation

Abstract Among the various styles of leadership styles, transformational leadership has gained more popularity and attention, perhaps due to its productive, supportive and innovative nature. Literature on transformational leadership has identified significant positive impacts on employee motivation. Whilst there is accumulating evidence that indicate a …

MotivationTransformational Leadership
Words 2521
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Transformational Leadership and Organizational Culture

The organization’s culture develops in large part from its leadership while the culture of an organization can also affect the development of its leadership. For example, transactional leaders work within their organizational cultures following existing rules, procedures, and norms; transformational leaders change their culture by …

Organizational CultureTransformational Leadership
Words 391
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Transformational Leadership In Business Strategy

Transformational leadership is a contemporary approach which affects and influences followers and subordinate’s beliefs and values to achieve organizational success and growth. It mainly focuses upon the human resource and how an effective leader can change his subordinates’ beliefs towards the organization and how to …

Transformational Leadership
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Transformational Leadership

A lot of research has gone into the subject of leadership skills as seen from a number of several different perspectives. As a matter of fact, from the early years of 1900 onwards, analysis on the types of leadership and their models have been going …

MotivationTransformational Leadership
Words 3866
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Practice and Role of Transformational Leadership

Even though it is hard to define and explain, the term leadership is easy to recognize (Ricketts, 2011:5). It is familiar with us like the words democracy, love, and peace. Each of us knows what we mean by such words, but the words can have …

Transformational Leadership
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Transformational Change

At each moment of every day, someone, of eminent importance or the subordinate drifting around the park is embarking on a transformational change of some specific nature. What does that suggest to us? It indicates that at some point in our life we will experience …

LeadershipPhilosophyTransformational Leadership
Words 918
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Contrast a transactional leading style with transformational leading style?

Transformational form of leadership style is one where the leader influences the followers in a manner that motivates them to achieve beyond what is expected of them and this is usually by creation of a connection (Northouse 2009). In this form of leadership, the leader …

MotivationPsychologyTransformational Leadership
Words 368
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Why Is Transformational Leadership Effective?

Author: Tony Pehrson Supervisor: Thomas Danborg and Anders Hederstierna Department: School of Management, Blekinge Institute of Technology Course: Masters’s thesis in business administration, 10 credits. Background and Problem Discussion: Skovde Kommun is a public organization and one of many tasks is to provide help and …

Transformational Leadership
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Liz’s Transformational Leadership Style and Communication Weaknesses

In the introduction video, Liz outlines the mission as being an “online entertainments company that sales primary music and books with the intention of branching out to online gaming and e books”. LIZ does a good Job by defining the mission at its most basic …

LeadershipMotivationTransformational Leadership
Words 806
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The Individuals Pathway To Leadership

Born into a broken home in rural Mississippi on January 9, 1954 Opera Wineries troubled adolescence and life experiences made her the amazingly influential woman she is today. Testing her circumstances and blossoming into an inspirational young actress, producer and highly powerful host of the …

EducationLeadershipTransformational Leadership
Words 1519
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Trans formistic organisations

This assignment is talking about The Influence of burns on trans formistic organisations. As an organisation the author has chosen Bader Alhasse & Co. ( Charted Accounting and auditors). Libya as an example for the research. Introduction Organisations may be in the most advantageous position …

LeadershipOrganizationTransformational Leadership
Words 1393
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Research Study Paper

Article two by Grainiest & Colliers (2012) “Fellowship’s experiences of organizational leadership: A systems psychodrama perspective” was chosen for leadership and article three was carefully chosen for this paper. “Followers’ Personality and the Perception of Transformational Leadership: Further Evidence for the Similarity Hypothesis” by the …

Human NatureLeadershipTransformational Leadership
Words 1659
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Transformational leadership is a theory of leadership where a leader works with teams or followers beyond their immediate self-interests to identify needed change, creating a vision to guide the change ...

Creator: James MacGregor Burns


There are four factors to transformational leadership, (also known as the "four I's"): idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individual consideration. Each factor will be discussed to help managers use this approach in the workplace.


Transformational leaders motivate by increasing self-efficacy in followers, by facilitating social identification within a group, and by linking organizational values to follower values. This allows followers to feel determined in their work and augments their perceived empowerment.


Transformational leaders enable the search for new opportunities, creation of a common vision, and motivation and guidance of employees. The search for new opportunities encourages greater responsibility in employees and greater exploitation of tacit knowledge at work (5).


What is transformational leadership in your own words?
Transformational leadership is a style of leadership that focuses on increasing the motivation and performance of followers by appealing to their higher-level needs. This type of leader sets a vision for the team and works to inspire and motivate others to achieve it. They also work to develop their followers, help them to see their potential and challenge them to grow. Transformational leaders are typically very effective in situations where there is a need for change or innovation.
What is transformational leadership summary?
Transformational leadership is a type of leadership that focuses on creating positive change in individuals and organizations. Transformational leaders are those who inspire and motivate others to change for the better. They are often visionaries and innovators who are able to see the potential in people and organizations and help them to reach their full potential. Transformational leaders are typically passionate and committed to their cause, and they are often able to convince others to join them in their pursuit of change.
What is the conclusion of transformational leadership?
The conclusion of transformational leadership is that it is an effective way to lead and manage change in organizations. It is a style of leadership that is focused on inspiring and motivating employees to achieve company goals. Transformational leaders are able to create a shared vision and culture within an organization, which can help to drive employee engagement and performance.
What is the most important goal of transformational leadership?
It depends on the specific context and goals of the organization or team in question. However, some common goals of transformational leadership include fostering innovation, encouraging employee engagement and empowerment, and driving organizational change. Ultimately, the most important goal of transformational leadership is to create positive, lasting change within the organization or team in order to improve overall performance and competitiveness.

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