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The Question of Whether Management Is the Same as Leadership and Philosophy

As defined by Webster, a leader is someone who has commanding authority or influence or a first or principal performer of a group. It is my position that Leadership, in essence, is the sum of these definitions. In order to have and maintain commanding authority, …

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Karl Marx’s Sociological Theories and Leadership Philosophy

Karl Marx was a sociologist, philosopher and a writer of German origin. He was born in Trier in 1818. He underwent training up to the university level, where he initially studied law and later journalism. Being social with other people, he easily made friends with …

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An Analysis of the Army Leadership Philosophy of Be, Know, Do

From the pristine halls of government to the bleakest of battlefields the skill and confidence needed for leadership is needed. However, leadership is an especially important skill for an officer where a moment’s indecision can result in several lives being lost. Therefore any lack is …

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An Essay on Leadership Philosophy

Whether it’s from positive or negative experiences a change is inevitable. The way one sees them as a leader is a leadership philosophy. This philosophy assists leaders while making choices, how they act in positive situations and how they think. The majority philosophies are biased …

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The Different Elements of an Ideal Leadership and Philosophy

As society propels forward with advances in research, technology, and medicine. It is the responsibility of the Healthcare professional to become conscious of and adapt to these changes. Along with this, there is a great need for leadership in order to effectively implement strategies. And …

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Mao Zedong Leadership Philosophy

China’s transition from the leadership under the iron fist of Mao Zedong to the more liberal Deng Xiao Ping gave the People’s Republic a gradual increase in economic freedom while maintaining political stability. During Mao’s regime, the country focused on bolstering. And serving the community, …

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A Definition and Types of Leadership and Philosophy

There are many definitions of leadership and what a leader is, and truthfully, there isn’t one correct answer. Every person has their own definition and it depends on their own experiences, goals and values that determine what a leader is, to them. This is why …

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A Study on Leadership Philosophy in Works of Literature

Business is responsible by leader with a successful leadership. Responsible leadership is important as almost every aspect of work influenced by leadership in a business (Overton, 2002:2). According to Rodney Overton, the definition of leadership is the ability to get work done with and through …

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I Am Who I Am: My Personal Philosophy

Leadership can be defined in many different ways and have different meanings to different people. My definition of a leader is someone who can gain followers without using force, and with the use of motivation. A leader is someone who is passionate about what they …

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