HRM Challenges: Technology and Motivation and How to Respond to Them

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Assignment 1 Question 1 i. Name and describe in your own words two such HRM challenges as discussed in class. (4 marks) Two of the challenges are technology and motivation. Technology challenge is a new change that HRM has to face when working in a corporate. Advanced technology changes HR practices such as recruitment, training and collecting information and so on. To specific, HR uses technology to work more efficiently than before. Therefore, in the information age, HR has to know how to use tech better or the organization would be fallen behind.

Motivation also is a challenge for HR. One of HR’s responsibilities is encouraging employees working more passionately and earnest. If HR cannot drive them in their work, a company is likely to lose some talent employees. So increasing motivation is important and hard to do for HR. ii. For each named challenge, give a description of how an HRM professional may assist the company in responding to the presenting situation. (4 marks) HRM professional rely on new technology to recruit.

For example, HR professionals can post jobs on the internet instead of on newspaper or Flyers. Thus, applicants around the world can know the jobs and try to employ, the corporate would have more chances to have capable workers. For training, technical utilities help new staffs to be trained better. They can learn more professional skills and practice software in training programs by PowerPoint and video. For data storage, “The use of electronic imaging has made it possible for companies to store and retrieve files in an electronic format” (Lewis, 2001).

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Tech has been saved HR professionals’ time in organizing information statistics. About motivation challenge that HRM has to deal, HR professionals must be capable to recognize what the employees’ advantages are and how to distribute their tasks. Under the detailed division of labor, HR manager can inspire their working enthusiasm to increase productivity. A HR manager is a leader to conduct the labors to show their talents and guide them for the effectiveness of the company. However, it is a huge challenge for HR professionals.

Once a HR manager does not arrange accurately the division of labor, a company is likely to be fallen behind. Therefore, motivation challenge is always significant and difficult for HR professionals. iii. For one of your named challenges, explain whether you think the HRM manager’s response is “proactive” or “reactive”. (2 marks) In my opinion, technology challenge is proactive for the HRM manager. Technology not only makes work period shorten, but increases job competition. Tech has promoted society including HRM.

Question 2 Name and define in your own words the competency you think is being shown in this HR generalist’s work. (2 marks) I think organizing ability is required in the HR generalist’s work. Organizing ability is keeping a scenario run in the normal order and maintaining members in a group do their works disciplined and in order. Why in your opinion is this competency important for the HRM generalist to have in a company setting, particularly in light of the importance of productivity enhancements discussed in Chapter 1? 3 marks) Organizing ability is significant because HRM generalists need to organize the employees to serve the company and increase productivity. Productivity is depending on ability, motivation and work environment. A HR generalist who has organizing ability can distribute labor’s work correctly so that they can develop their talents and promote their motivation in work. Under such positive work atmosphere, more employees will be influenced and continue work earnestly. Thus, productivity will be enhanced. Therefore, organizing ability is vital for HR generalists.

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