Staffing Structure and Hierarchy of Management Positions

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The Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta has a management structure very similar to other full-service hotels and hotel brands nationwide. At the top of the structure is the General Manager, Denise Flanders. Below the General Manager are the Directors of each department within the hotel, which comprise the Executive Committee. The department directors consist of: the Rooms Director, the Food & Beverage Director, the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Engineer, Director of Human Resources, Director of Sales and the Marketing Director.

Beneath each department director there is an assistant, or manager position. The Rooms Director is in charge of Operations and anything to do with the hotel’s guest rooms including the Front Desk, Reservations, Guest Services, Security (although this area is outsourced to a private company) and Housekeeping with a manager assigned to each of these posts.

It is the responsibility of the Rooms Director to ensure that rates are properly set and the hotel is meeting its targeted ADR (average daily rate) and occupancy levels, along with the Director of Sales. The Director of Food & Beverage oversees all of the outlets (restaurants, cafe’s, etc. ), in this case the Park 75 Lounge and Terrace, and room service as well as the Banquet and Catering departments. Beneath the Director of F&B is an Assistant Director of F&B, the restaurant manager, the Executive Chef, the Banquet Manager and the Director of Catering.

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The Chief Financial Officer also has an assistant, or the Accounting Manager who is able to step in and cover the CFO’s job as needed, processing payroll, overseeing Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, etc. The Chief Engineer also employs the services of an Engineering Assistant, whose job it is to ensure that all the heating, cooling and structural defects of the hotel building and its guest rooms and grounds function properly. The Director of Human Resources has an assistant, although this position is not considered management.

The Director of Sales and the Director of Marketing are often the same person although at the Atlanta Four Seasons this is not the case. The Marketing Director is in charge of all advertising for the hotel as well as ensuring that any advertising and marketing efforts are within the Four Seasons brand standards. The position works very closely with Sales and Rooms. Beneath the Director of Sales are the sales managers, who sell meeting space and rooms at the hotel (groups).

The sales managers work with the catering managers to make an event come to life by processing all the details of the group’s needs including food & beverage selections, appropriate meeting rooms, set up of the meeting rooms to accommodate the group including audio/visual and technological needs, delivery of packages, assignment of rooms and anything else the group requires to make their meeting run smoothly.

Source: Deann, Executive Assistant at the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta, 404-881-9898.

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