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Steps to be undertaken by an organization that is committed to shattering the glass ceiling;
An organization that is committed to shattering the glass ceiling should carry out the following steps:

There should be Communication targeting women and science; women should participate in silence low women employees is a wastage on human resources.  It also limits the diversity of  research and development.  Women should participate in research / science at all levels.  Women should be appointed at different committee, as advised and man agreement team.  The proportion of 40:60 needs to be achieved.

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Women participants should be at the center of research policy. Gender equality should be emphasized.  Scientific research should be made accessible to ladies.  Conferences should be called for to focus on women and science.  Change should be visible.  The scientific mindset is also being changed.  Policies should be good for women in sciences men should not only consider fellow men.

2.The most common discretionary and contingent assessment methods include:

(1)        Simulation exercise:  To stimulate is to do or make something, which looks read but is not real.  The members of staff are put in a situation this assumes the real workplace and the staff are supposed to do vital dimension for the real job.

(2)        Sample of past work:  The staff members are supposed to sample an attitude that they carried out to some successful completion some times backs.  In assessing the capability to write, the candidate is supposed to bring a letter, report or even an article that he did in a current for period of job.

(3)        The interview:  Questions analyze  hypothetical work related call and focus is on relevant qualification.  Answers are based on expected perform once.  Questions can be sometime questions or probing or prompting.  Situational questions referees to questions form the staff history and will enable prediction of his exported performance in the current job.  Probing or prompting questions are normally assessing the candidate’s ability to make quick decision to avoid memorizing expression for the interview.  Herbert (2005)

(4)        Written tests:  Various qualifications can be tested.  This is a screening criterion for a large number of applicants.  They can be knowledge tests, skill tests, thinking or conscious metal tests, knowledge tests relate to job performance knowledge before appointment.  Skill test relate to clinical skills, which include typing, coding, reading and filing.  Cognitive ability test measure verbal reasoning, solving a problem and the memory including quantitative reasoning. Both written tests and interviews:  reduce the interview time where in the time is taken but test results can be used in evaluating the expected performance.

Differences between written tests and interviews:

Written tests are good when the number of candidates is large which interviews may be time consuming given that candidates need to express themselves better.

Written tests guarantees privacy where by answers  given are not spread to everybody while interview whereby the panel is large, diffusion may occur whereby other word parties may know the result.

3.Initial Assessment methods:

The initial assessment methods for starting my own business would include;

Interviews: for a starter in business, interviews will focus on hypothetical cases whereby the applicants will be expected to replay what they could do given a real job situation.  Interviews also nationalize because questions are based expected performance compared to the actual performance probing questions will be very helpful because applicants may have had a leakage of the questions sudden tests the applicants ability to make sudden decision.

Written tests:  This will enable the new recruits to be tested on their qualification and can be used for screening to shortlist applicants.  Written taxes will enable me to test the applicant’s knowledge based on special skills required for job performance.  The clerical staff will also be tested on their ability to perform.  Verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and solving problem capability will also be determined.

4. Investigation of validity for the verbal and computational skills test rating and assessment:

To investigate the criterion related validity of verbal and computational skills would include;  Due to the severe hiring pressure all the applicants were hired regardless of their test scores.  Expected response is determined in advance for every qualification.  Asking similar questions ensures fairness and equality for all candidates.  All factors of verbal and computational skills are determined by the questions for the rating and accessing.  Expected answers all given some markers, which may be good, fair and poor as 8 – 10, 5 – 7, and 1 – 4 respectively.  Every one of the employed expected to meet one of the ranks.  Every individual is assessed to determine his or her verbal and computational ability.

5.The use of a new predictor:

This is what I would advise my boss regarding the new predictor;

The validity coefficient is high for the current predictor.  It will be very necessary for the base rate to be low so that at least some of the candidates can qualify due to the low selection ratio.  This low base rate based on the sample chosen will capture some of he applicants.


If I were the HR staffing for an organization, I would recommend the following regarding oral and written communication with the job applicants by members of the organization; There should be some uniform calculation:  questions asked should be similar to allow uniform evaluation and this will also help in many sing responses. Oral and written communication skills should have limited lane allocations to ensure some for all questions is enable the interviewees and respondents express and excrescent questions in the right manner. The content of oral and written communications skills evaluation that is functional or scientific to ensure relevance and problem solving with definite answers.

Incase many question are to be asked written tests must be used so that applicants can have time to respond. Incase confidentiality and privacy is required, written tests are more applicable to ensure that the written answers remains to those relevant ones. Substance is very necessary to ensure that answers target the job performance



Sales approach ensures relevance in relation to the response given by the respondents.  The applicants normally answers as if they have the job (in hypothesis) and this is good for determining the expected performance. Sales approach also reduces the amount of time and the responses can be evaluated for selection of successful applicants.  An analysis of responses can be made easy because expected answers are used as guidance.


Sales approach in the presentation of a job offer does not allow adequate and sufficient screening of applicants because questions asked are normally guiding and does not allow the respondents to think and this may be helpful in determining the applicants capability is make urgent decision and choices.


The legal requirements of staffing system management and steps I would take to ensure that managers in my company engage in legal staffing actions would include; Formality the quality of being good and deserving praise aspect of the staffing system should have these values: Competency:  positive factors which ensure that all applicants are quite qualified to the expected functions.  The management should only require those who are qualified with skills ability and knowledge to perform.

Non – partnership:  New members of staff should be recruited and promoted with an objectives  view.  There should not be political or unnecessary bacchantic patronages

Free and fairness:  objectivity should be part of decision pertaining recruiting there should be no nepotism, tribalism, realism, politics or unnecessary pride cures.  Practices should reject a fair and true treatment of all complies candidate applications

Equity:  there should be no unnecessary barriers limiting people to access employment.  Advertisements for job vacancies should be open Herbet (2004).


The following costs and benefits of voluntary turnover are most likely to vary according to the type of job; Due to light numbers more interviews will be needed and this may require outsourcing which may be expensive for a small business entity. Selection criteria may be fume consuming with huge volumes of both oral and written interviews, the education of answers as compared to the ranks given will need a lot of accuracy, devotion and specialist. Voluntary number will enable all those who fail like they can contribute to the company’s human capital to them up and may be secure a place to prove their capability.  In staffing consideration have to be made regarding to ability, experienced and knowledge that is job related.  Vulnerary over is recommended by legal staffing requirements as may be dieted by the labor laws (Act.)


The potential problems with downsizing as an organization’s first response to a need to cut labor costs include; Comparison between related cost and employees ability to perform some of the people to be sacked may be old but still capable of productivity more than young qualified staff. Old staff may have accumulated high monitory salaries but their monthly contribution towards the company’s productivity may be incomparable due to accumulated expenses. Retrenchment benefit will cost the company a lot in the short run.  These are payments to standard staffing as per law.  Those retrenched may sue the company if not paid fast enough.  Court cases will also be expensive to the company at there are no related benefits. Downsizing may lead to a restriction of job descriptions whereby those few employees left may be expected to work more than before and this may result is go slow which might need more salary increments which it not affected may reflect in resignations


Herbert G.  And Timothy A (2005) Staffing Organizations 5 ED. PG 60 – 111.

University of Wisconsin. Madison

Herbert G. (2004) Staffing Organizations 5ED. Pg 30 – 61 University of Wisconsin.


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