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High Tech Offenders

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Cyber crimes Thesis: Cybercrime, hacking, blackmailing, fraud, piracy, cyber bullying, this are some types of crimes th at come to mind when we hear technology and crime. Every day we use technology as a part of our daily living. We are surrounded by technology we depend on technology. But this has also o pen new door for criminal to conduct their crimes. This also makes us vulnerable to those who have mater it. Microsoft piracy case 25 men were arrested and 11 where proven guilty in the national copy right Microsoft counter eiting ring.

The fraudulent Microsoft cds and DVDs where sold online and where shipped from c hina to anywhere in the united stated and to Europe. The imitation Microsoft software was valu ed at 500 million dollars. Differential association theory states that criminal actions are a result of the friendships of or companionship with others. Differential association theory explained th at a person could not commit a crime without first being trained. Without prior influence, is inc apable of inventing criminal behavior. ) techniques of committing the crime, which are someti mes very complicated, sometimes very simple; (b) the specific direction of motives, drives, ratio nalizations, and attitudes Individuals become criminal due to repeated contacts with criminal activity and a lack of contact with noncriminal activity. I believe that this counterfeiting ring was built on friendships. The 25 men must have been friends of acquaintances at some point I do not believe they would hire people who did not know about their illegal actions. Social bond theory Roman meydbray 27 from San Jose.

A former information technology manager of creative explosions pleads guilty to getting unauthorized access to a computer of his former employer. According to the court after two weeks of his termination he got access to the computer system and deleted an email server domain and accesses the email account of the president of creative explosion. He changed the mail server to reject every Incoming email causing them many losses. Social bonding theory states. The elements of social bonding include the families, commitment to social norms and institute like schools and employment and the beliefs that these are important.

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Social bond theory also states that is a bond is weakened or broken then unusual behavior from that Individual may occur. I believe that Roman Meybray felt betray wen creative explosion the company that he work for decided to let him go. This incident made Roman Meybrey who was a manager for creative explosions get back at them for been firing him. The bond that he had in the company was broken causing him to obtaining the unauthorized access to the employer’s computer. Learning theory Cyber bullying is when someone is harassed through the internet. Usually the victims or cyber bullying are youth.

Usually to humiliate harm an individual because of information one might have through internet websites, text, chat rooms or other social networking sites. A study in Britain found that at least half of suicides among young people are related to bullying Bully-related suicide can be connected to any type of bullying, including physical bullying, emotional bullying, cyber bullying, and sexting, or circulating suggestive or nude photos or messages about a person bullying can be racist, sexist, anti-religious. Anonymous postings, comments or pictures on social networking sites.

Cyber bullying are actions of someone who is a coward since they can remain anonymous behind a screen name or fake profile. Amanda Todd was a young 7ht grade girl who made a huge mistake of flashing a man over the internet. Later the man stalked her and posted her pictures over the internet. After her class mates and other students at school also bullied her online and on social networking sites. After moving and switching schools several times she was still the victim of cyber bullying, until one day she committed suicide. Bullying is a behavior that is easily learned through observing.

Students justify bullying behaviors by blaming the targets of their attacks. The bully somehow makes it seem as if the victim somehow deserve the bullying. This makes the bully seem powerful and knowledgeable. Since the bully is not punished others who are observing learn that this behavior is acceptable. People learn by observing others and want nothing more but to fit in. People are influenced by other values attitudes characteristics and behaviors especially kids and young adults. Kids that are getting bullied usually don’t say anything because they fear the parents will take away their laptops of cell phone.

Since cyber bullies can remain anonymous they do not fear any reprucations so they continue to bully their victim. Conclusion. It comes to show that cybercrime are committed every day. From people getting hacked and getting all there info stolen. To people pirating movie cds DVD and selling g them for much lower price. Hurting bigger companies. Also having cyber bullies hurting people’s feelings and put them out on the public to suffer humiliation. This makes the victim to find other mean of putting a stop to it. And possibly committing suicide. This people don’t think of other am d the pain and damage they cause .

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