Female Sex Offenders

Last Updated: 13 Apr 2020
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Years ago sex offenders were majorly male. In fact it was unheard of for a female to even be thought of as a sex offender. Today we hear of more women being arrested for molestation, incest, and other sex crimes. All too often teachers are being found guilty of having relationships with their underage students. Female sex offenders have not gotten as much attention as male sex offenders. It is because of this that the offenders cannot be studied as thoroughly as males. Incest is a common crime among female sex offenders.

Often these women are abused themselves. "Women who molested children independently were more likely than women who molested with an accomplice to have been severely molested themselves prior to age 10" (Lawson, 332). The male children are often embarrassed and do not always tell anyone about the abuse, and it is not uncommon for them to feel guilt about what is happening to them. Females tend to choose younger boys within their own families, perhaps to them it is a safer choice.

Female offenders are not often violent towards their victims. The females often have problems with social relationships. "The families of the girls were described as dysfunctional and chaotic" (Roe-Sepowitz and Krysik, 406). The females are quiet and withdrawn often isolating themselves from the rest of the world. They have problems with fellow classmates and sometimes have issues showing physical aggression as well. In some cases women begin having suicidal ideations, depression, and try self-mutilation (Roe-Sepowitz and Krysik, 406).

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The females that commit sex crimes also have a higher chance of having a drug problem or becoming an alcohol abuser (Roe-Sepowitz and Krysik, 407). When treating female sex offenders physicians need to concentrate not only on the offense but the reasons behind these offenses. These women are often abused themselves. They also need help with their other mental issues. The overall psychiatric problem needs to be addressed. "Unique interventions for female sexual offenders must include consideration for gender issues such as heir sexual and physical development, intimacy, and social skills, self image, self-esteem, impulsivity, and common societal expectations of girls to be the caregiver-nurture. " (Roe-Sepowitz and Krysik, 411). Female sex offenders are usually victims themselves. All too often their crimes go unreported. Whether it is because the victims feel guilty or because the victims think it is natural for such things to happen. Regardless, the female perpetrators should be studied too higher extent. Studies should be done to determine why these women are committing such heinous crimes.

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