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Making Sex Offenders Names Public

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Amanda McCloskey "Making sex offenders names public. " Making sex offenders names public does have there ups and downs but i am totally for it. Sex offenders can be men or women it does not matter about what gender the sex offenders are because either way the adult is the one who is taking the innocents of a child. In most cases the child can know there sex offender.

The reasons why i think that sex offenders name should be public are, the protection of both genders and children in the area, for the sex offenders names to be out there so they have to live with what they did, so that the people from the community can prevent it from happening again. Sex offenders are very dangerous and we really don't know when they are going to do it again. The first reason why i think sex offenders names should be public is for the protection of both genders and children in the area.

Men and women can both sexually abuse someone. Sometimes when your walking by someone you never really think to yourself that the person you just walked by can actually be a sex offender. Sex offenders names are already public but the reason i am for it is because then people actually can try to prevent it by taking there time and looking through the list of sex offenders and what the person did, who is actually by them and live close to them. Both genders can still be harmful, or even harmed.

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This whole topic and situation is just scary to picture and talk about but personally it needs to be out there, and the sex offenders website for your state needs to be always updated. When your a child you never think that someone can actually do something that harmful for you and it is just sad. Any person has a right to know so that they actually have a chance to protect themselves. Thats one of the reasons why i think that sex offenders name should be public. The second reason why i think a sex offenders name should be public is so sex offenders name to be out there for everyone to see and so they have to live with what they did.

Also because they won't be able to hide if someone ask them about it, for instants trying to get a job and lying about it. The thought of being sexually offended is scary and i personally don't think anyone would want to go through that. People who are sexually offending shouldn't be afraid to tell on the person, because a lot of the people who don't tell often who did to them might do it to someone else, and if they talk they can prevent it from happening again. I don't understand how an adult can take avenge of a person knowing that it is wrong.

Making Sex Offenders Names Public essay

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