Growth and Development of Paksitani Media

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Growth and Development of Paksitani Media Pak inherited 05 radio channel son its birth. International Trend played important role in development of Mass Media in Pakistan. Initial decades of Pakistani Media’s history have been dominated by PTV. 2. Government was compelled to permit freedom of media (a)Liberalization of airway in India led to mushroom growth of TV channels (b)In Kargil war India was able to sell its viewpoint to the world and cashed on its version while Pak suffered since it had only the state channel. (c)Economic boom in telecom in Pakistan.

Commercial nature of Media was discovered in the economic advantages related to it. Revenue generated by Media in 2002 was 2 billion and in 2007 this soared to Rs. 17 Billion. (d)Literacy rate / level grew in Pakistan and played a role in media Development. (e)Arrival of cable operators / network and its growth held vision. (f)Govt policies played vital role, especially of President Musharraf. Javed Jabbar. Said “Media is more powerful then nuclear devices” he worked on PEMRA 3. Private sector was involved and posed challenge to state media.

State Media to compete with Pvt Media has to improve and become more open and provide realistic stories, this reformed the State Media as well _ since realistic input was being provided by the Pvt Media. 4. Pak Media Market was in raw form and was untapped; it had the potential to grow. Phenomenon of community based radio channels i. e. FM channel, community based Services (print / elect) have played important role in media development. 5. Number of Press Media / Printing groups were permitted and have launched their TV channels e. . Jang Group – Geo, etc. 6. Mass media is the major source of providing news and entertainment to the people who wants to know who is doing what and what is happening. Aristotle in his book “Poetics” has written that “Media is a means of catharsis and is must for normal living”. 7. The entertainment and news value of media has played very important role its development. However, electronic media enjoys larger scope over print media, since it has wider audience, is easily accessible and be understood by even illiterate people.

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The media provides wide range of entertainment / news according to interest of people of different age groups / liking / languages. Talk Shows Mania has brought more liberalization and has revolutionized the concept since erstwhile taboo issues are being discussed enhancing the awareness of people. 8. The realization in the people and Government about the role of media in society / economic development is there. Indian soap operas have a large viewer ship and their popularity has attracted lots of commercials / advertisement. The commercial aspects attached to the media have contributed to its rapid development. . The Infrastructure Development has taken place. Modern state of art studios /introduction of latest equipment / communication facilities like video conferencing, fax, electronic data transfer, chat / mobiles, etc have brought in a revolution and contributed immensely in the media development. 10. The advertisement / commercials have brought big money to media market. The contents of programmes are changing. The high economic stakes attached to the media have brought in Professionalism in all its related fields. Due open market, there is a Scarcity of professional media men 1. The abundance of media outlets has on one hand has created lot of employment opportunities but on the other has posed challenges to the media men to excel in their fields. Jang Group has more than 50,000 employees; media persons are getting enhanced wages. Today we have number of highly professional and well-known media persons who are stalwarts of Pakistani Media and form its backbone. 12. Dozens Of other factors have played role in the development of Pakistani Media. It has been a “watchdog” on actions of the state, people strengthened the media.

Media has played important role in discussing un-touched subjects. It has helped harmonizing the nation on otherwise contentious issues. The competition among the channels is bringing in qualitative improvement in the content and other aspects of programmes Impact of Cable TV Media is strengthening development in Pakistan. •Media has supported Democracy. •Media has highlighted Public issues. •Media has given voice to neglected element of society. •Media has become entertainment industry; it satisfies all segments, age groups of our society. CERTAIN NEGATIVE ROLE OF PAKISTANI MEDIA . Consumerism. Our society is consuming all messages being spread by the Media. Media has made us a talking nation, the Mobile Mania-kids, ladies, youngsters all are just talking on the mobile phones. The effect of media is very strong with respect to advertisement on consumer products, instead of being producer media has made us consumer. 2. Moral Vacuum. The dramas, programmes etc shown on media glamorize everything they depict, this has created a moral vacuum and our younger generation is going away for our values (religious, social). 3. Westernization.

Western / Indian cultural invasion has taken place through media and is permeating Pakistan society. Our commercials are depicting western values and causing a loss of national identity. There are media talk shows on subjects including sex etc which otherwise are taboo in our society. 4. Not Developing National Image. Our Media is blamed for not developing /projecting our national image. Our media at times uses Indian language; projects Indian Stars in our ads, etc, the threats posed to our values are immense and must be countered. Our country lacks a defined policy to promote national image through media. . False Values. Pakistani Media is projecting false values in its programmes, etc. The projection of family planning, love stories in dramas, hi-fi living styles / material depicted in dramas, etc. are not real and are not based on ground realities. (a)Media lacks compact programmes to educate Pakistani nation. (b)Projected values on media are not congruent with our values / ground realities. It is actually projecting ‘False Values’. (c)Programmes / dramas shown are exaggerated beyond imagination. 6. Manifestation of Interests. Media is negatively manipulating the interests of the people.

People of Pakistan are yet not critical / educated enough to realize this manipulation / twisting of facts. There is a famous dictum that “a lie spoken 100 times becomes greater than a truth”. 7. Exaggeration. Pakistani media is also blamed for overwhelming negative Exaggeration. It glamorizes issues, resorts to negative exaggeration of matters, newspaper headlines are depicting violence, etc all this demoralizes the nation. At times news are given without authentication / confirmation. Unethical material /photographs / scenes are shown on our media promoting vulgarization.

Media is Damaging basic fiber of our nation and has created a crisis of misidentification. 8. Dangers to Socialization. We remain fixed to TV screens at the cost of socialization. We cut short our social activities just to watch some favorite programmes on TV. We are not undertaking socialization / giving time to our kids, parents, etc because we are glued to TV etc. This is developing a generation gap. We are giving more time to TV channels and less time to social activity and a sort of isolation is being developed. 9. Sensationalizing / Creating Uncertainty.

Our media sensationalize the issues / accidents / incidents. When too much of information is available it creates confusion. Our media is broadcasting every type of information at times even compromising the accuracy and is creating uncertainty. 10. Overloaded with Information. Pakistani Media is discussing so many of topics are actually bombarding the audience with information. Media has flooded us with information. (a)This is psychologically not good for our scenes and disturbs our body functions. (b)Media is stuffing our minds with all types of information and has onverted us into ‘generalist’. Media is misusing our energies. (c)Media has become corporate; it possesses / uses lot of resources and has phenomenal business / financial benefits attached to it, accordingly it bombards the viewers with information. Different surveys are undertaken to find out various methods on how to attract the viewers / readers. Media Marketing has Converted us into recipient. Media is spending so much of money on efforts to attract / enhance its viewer ship. (d)Commercials breaks are introduced at the peak points of programmes. Such commercials are very expensive.

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