The Signs of Maturity in Personal Growth and Development, an Article by Barbara Wexler

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When we think of maturity we think of a human adult comparison to a ripe fruit but psychologically an eighteen—year—old girl might have more of a mature mindset than a thirty» five-year—old mani Barbara Wexler’s article on “Personal Growth and Development” describes “the two most important factors that affect how a person looks, acts, and feels are heredity and environment” (116) She clarifies how heredity is in our genetics and the way we react to our environment presents the level of our maturity. In the article “Resilience", Harold M. Giznberg explains it as “anticipating a positive outcome rather than accepting a fatalistic endgame” (548), He describes resilience as “being able to bounce back despite significant threat to personal integrity or the health and well-being of friends, family, or country.

Lastly, the article “Self-esteem” by Barbara Wexler explains self-esteem as “being certain and having a belief in one‘s ability” (406) and with high self-esteem gives us a realistic self-concept, we see our strengths and weaknesses clearly and accurately, We can identify the signs of emotional maturity in our everyday lives through various ways, however personal growth, self-confidence, and resilience Maturity can be accomplished through several ways but we can demonstrate through how we let our characteristics and environment impact our lives For example, heredity is part of personal growth as something that we can’t control, but as we get older our characteristic and traits become mature. As for Environment, “the environment in which a child grows up, including family, siblings, geography, and other factors, can play a major role in their personal development.

In addition, the neighborhood and community one grows up in can lead to lifelong positive habits, like walking and being more physically active“ (126) said Barbara Wexler. How can you know if you matured because of environment? An example would be if you grew up in a poor neighborhood with crime and drugs, that maturity would show if you refused to be a part of your environment or to be different, such as not being a criminal or doing drugs and even providing a wealthier live for yourself. We can’t control our heredity but how we let our environment affect our daily lives is how we show our maturity level. Resilience, another sign on emotionally maturity, in the psychological sense is said to be “the objective adaptation to the external environment versus the development of psychopathology“ (548), by Harold M. Giznberg, also resilience “involves thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that produce a positive outcome after a significant threat to personal integrity or the health and well-being of friends, family, or country” (548).

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This compares to people who think of themselves as survivors versus victims, also meaning individuals who can take care of themselves versus the one ones that can’t because of human made or natural stressors. Another instance would be an obese individual that changes to a healthier life style despite unhealthy food options this is a maturity that can be achieved over time. We can control how resilient we are through how we adapt to stressful situations or disadvantages this shows our emotional maturity through resilience. What I saved for last becauseI believe many people as well as I struggle with is self- esteem, this is broader than we think. Barbara Wexler says “a person's own thoughts can have a powerful effect on how they feel and on their self—esteem.” (428). When we don’t appreciate our qualities, characteristics, and achievements it causes a negative outlook on our lives, therefore with having a hard time respecting ourselves comes with a hard time respecting other. It also makes it difficult to accept when your wrong and taking responsibility for your actions. Your signs show through self-esteem because you will be more successful and you will you be proud in your accomplishment.

We show signs through maturity multiple ways it doesn’t matter how young or old we are, it’s about being able to listen more and talk less, realizing how much you don’t know, being grateful, and many more like emotional maturity traits, We learn that maturity can be achieved through personal growth by Barbara Wexler and that it consists of heredity and environment factors, or resilience by Harold M, Giznberg; the ability to adapt to stressful situations or disadvantages, and to conclude self-esteem; showing through your respect, pride, and responsibility by Barbara Wexler, Not everyone can achieve all these maturity lessons and some can only be achieved over time, I know that I struggle with self-esteem but I would be considered mature in resilience but how we let it affect our everyday lives really shows are level of maturity emotionally and physically

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