Wealth, Income and Power as Key Factors to the Growth and Development of Global Inequality

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Last Updated: 11 Nov 2022
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The 21st century has seen significant growth and develop in different areas of focus, which have created a crucial understanding on vital elements, which include wealth income and power. The global inequality is developed from these key factors that describe capital. The consideration that different countries have put in place different regulations have provided a crucial understanding under which it is possible to make a decision on why these is significant inequality in a period where it would have been crucial to have positive development across different societies.

Wealth and income play a crucial role in defining national income that need to be considered in having a positive understanding on the existing standards of living within a given country. Wealth and income are underlying factors which are able to generate power depending on the level at which an individual is engaged. A better understanding on capital in the 21st century requires a crucial focus on wealth, income and power is key in having a better interpretation. Piketty (2015) assert that the importance of wealth in the society is mainly due to the existing high difference between income of the lowest income earner and the highest income earner creating a very huge deficit under which the wealthy and the poor are isolated.

An increase in economic growth will likely create an effective environment where the importance of wealth is likely to diminish in the society. According to Milanovic (2014), the significant developments in the 21st century have been based on decisions that have been made greatly focusing on the wealthy who have power to influence major decisions and thus in the process creating economic instability and imbalance. This means that countering this imbalance need focus on key factors that have a significant influence on capital.

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