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Google, Facebook and Other Tech Titans Form ‘Partnership on AI’

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Five of the biggest tech companies have launched a collaboration to help the public understand the benefits of artificial intelligence. The New York Times  in early September that Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon had been  to discuss an AI-related project. Now, the cat's finally out of the bag. Their  is officially called "Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society," and it has a few goals other than to make sure people know that AI research  creating killer robots. Partnership on AI will support related research and recommend best practices in ethics, transparency and privacy when it comes to artificial intelligence studies.

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Google, Facebook and Other Tech Titans Form ‘Partnership on AI’

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. IBM, as you know, has , while Google has DeepMind, which you probably recognize as the the team behind . Amazon has Alexa, the voice assistance that's loaded onto its Echo speakers, while Microsoft has Cortana and a whole bunch of . Finally,  depends on artificial intelligence for many of its features, including face recognition and its News Feed. Despite the initiative's solid lineup, people couldn't help but wonder why it's missing one key player: Apple. Microsoft's Eric Horvitz, who serves as one of the project's interim co-chairs, told  that they've been in discussions with Cupertino. "I know they're enthusiastic about this effort," he said, "and I'd personally hope to see them join." Another missing name is Elon Musk's , a non-profit AI research project that promises to make its results available to all

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