Clash of Titans, Gladiator, and Apocalypto Essay

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Film 1: Clash of Titans

The director of Clash of the Titans 2010 was Louis Leterrier. The starring actors were Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, and Gemma Arterton. The movie takes place between 8000 - 600 BCE in Argos. The movie is about Perseus and his journey in stopping the Kraken.

Perseus was found in the water in a coffin and taken care of by Spyros, a fisherman, and his wife. The humans soon declared war against the gods after being mad at them because of their mistreatment. Perseus family was killed after their boat was drowned by Hades. Zeus wanted to punish the mortals for their rebellion against the gods. So Hades gave the people of Argos one week to sacrifice the princess to save everyone of Argo or else he will release the Kraken.

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Perseus also discovers that he is the son of Zeus. Perseus decides to go on a quest along the army to find a way to kill the Kraken and get his revenge on Hades. Hades also sends King Acrisius to kill Perseus and he is planning on killing Zeus. Perseus and the soldiers get attack by Acrisius on there way to the Stygian Witches. The Dihing, non-human desert sorceress, helped Perseus and the soldiers kill the monsters and help heal Perseus because he is the only one that can help them get freed from the gods.

When they get to the Witches they find out the only way to kill the Kraken is by using Medusa. The witches also tell Perseus that he will die. As they are leaving Perseus comes across Zeus. He gets offered to live as a god but Perseus turns him down. They then go to the underworld to Medusa's lair. The remaining soldiers are killed by Medusa. Perseus uses his shield as a mirror and is able to cut Medusa's head off. As he is leaving the lair Lo is killed by Acrisius but Percy kills him using the sword Zeus gave him.

Meanwhile, Zeus awakes the Kraken and discoveries that Hades tricked him into making Hades more powerful. Perseus is able to return to Argo in time to stop the Kraken with the help of the Pegasus. He successfully defeated the Kraken by showing him the head of Medusa and sends Hades back to the underworld. In the end Zeus offers godhood to him but once again he turns him down. Zeus brings Lo back to live instead.

This film is historically significant because it teaches us about the Greek. We can see how they lived during 8000 - 600 BCE. The way they dress, their beliefs, and government. During that time the Gods were really important. They were the ones that created mortals and they need the mortal's prayers to live.

Film 2: Gladiator

Gladiator (2000) was directed by Ridley Scott. Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, and Connie Nielsen were the starring actors. The film takes places in 180 AD. It's about Maximus the commander becoming a gladiator and all the hardships he went through.

After Maximus helps wins the war he just wants to go back home. Emperor Marcus Aurelius wanted Maximus to become the emperor after he dies to stop the corruption in Rome. Commodus, the emperors' son, is mad that he won't be the next emperor, so he kills his father in order to become the new emperor. After the king dies Commodus orders for Maximus and his family to be executed but Maximus was able to escape. Maximum wasn't able to save his family from getting executed.

Maximus was found by slavers and taken to Zucchabar. There he was sold as a slave and forced to become a gladiator. He had to kill others in order to not get killed. He was taken back to Rome to fight at the Coliseum for the 105-day games. He was told if he won the crowded he would get his freedom. He was able to win the battles by using his commander skills to lead his team. He is now known as Spaniard the gladiator. When Commodus found out that he was Maximus the army tried to kill Maximus and the other gladiators, but they were saved by the crowd.

Commodus tried killing him again by putting him to fight with the only undefeated fighter and tigers but failed. Maximus came up with a plan to get him and his men freedom and then he will kill Commodus. He wants to make Emperor Marcus wish come true and make Rome into a Senate power again. His plan failed once Commodus finds out the true by threatening his sister to make her tell him he truth.

Then Commodus and Maximus fight a one on one battle in the Colosseum. Maximums was able to defeat Commodus, but in the end, he also ends up dying. Before he dies he says he wants his men freed and for Senator Gracchus to be in power again. Maximum was finally able to be reunited with his family.

The movie shows a historical context by showing the lives of gladiators and what they went through. It shows that gladiators were forced to fight and the condition of life they had. It also shows how the Romans were entertained by violence in the past. We also see the way the Romans dressed, there armor, and weapons is different to today. Another historical thing shown is that during that time they also had slaves.

Film 3: Apocalypto

Apocalypto was a movie made in 2006. The director of the film was Mel Gibson. The starting actors were Gerardo Taracena, Raoul Max Trujillo, and Dalia Hernández. The movie takes place in 1511 in Veracruz. It's about the downfall of the Mayan civilization.

Jaguar Paw, a hunter, and his tribe get attack by the Mayan people. Their huts get set on fire and they fight to not get captured. Jaguar Paw was able to save his pregnant wife and son, but he was captured and his father was killed. The Mayan captured the people from the tribe but left the kids behind. When they got to the Mayan city the women were sold as slaves, while the men were to be used as a sacrifice. The Mayan wanted to sacrifice people to the gods so that they could become strong again.

A solar eclipse happened which saved Jaguar Paw from being killed. The rest of the men that didn't get sacrificed were told they could be free if they were able to run to the corn stock. They were getting shot with arrows to prevent them from succeeding. Only Jaguar paw was able to get out alive but got injured.

While trying to escape he killed Zero Wolf's son so the Mayan soldiers went after him. Using the hunting skills and the forest knowledge he learned he was able to kill all the Mayans who were after him. Jaguar Paw was able to rescue his wife, son, and newborn son before they drowned in the cave. They see ships on the shore but instead of going and investigating they decided to start a new life together in the forest.

This shows history relevance because it shows how the Mayan civilization was about to fall. We also see that the people of the tribe and the Mayan dressed different. They also had different tattos and percings. It also shows the Mayan architecture like the pyramids. It also shows the language of the mayan which is Yucatec Maya. Another history relevance is the way of live of the tribe in the jungle.

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