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Percy Jackson The Titans Curse In this Percy Jackson and the Olympians book, it starts out when Thalia daughter of Zeus, Annabeth daughter or Athena, and Percy son of Poseidon set out to help Grover who found two really power full half bloods escort them back to camp have blood. But then they run into trouble when this really power monster shows up that works for Cronus try’s to take Bianca and Nico the two really powerful other half bloods. Before there group was about to be defeated Artemis goddess of the hunt and the moon sun of Apollo shows up and rescues them with her huntresses.

Also Annabeth saved them but in the process she falls off the cliff and they could not find her, little do they no that she was really just captured by Luke and Cronus, Bianca joined the hunt with Artemis and left Nico at camp half blood to train to become stronger. Artemis left her huntresses to go find the one monster that could destroy Olympus, while trying to find the monster she was captured by Cronus and needs to be rescued before the winter solstice so that she can convince the council that they need to go to war to prevent the titans rise.

So a quest was given to Zoe who was the leader of the huntresses that they should go save Artemis before the winter solstice and when she went to go consult the Delphi Oracle it said “five shall go west hunters and campers combined will not fail one shall be lost in the land without rain and another shall parish by a parents hand. ” So since Zoe was the quest leader she got to choose who goes with her, she chose three hunters and two campers but one of the hunters got sick so she couldn’t go so only four of them left for the quest Zoe Bianca, Thalia and Grover but then Percy wanted to go save Annabeth so he snuck off to save her.

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He ends up meeting up with and saves them from the monster that tries to kill them early. When the got to New Mexico (which is a land with out rain) they go into the gods junk yard and this giant mechanical robot thing comes to life and then Bianca jumped into the robot and defeated it but she was lost and could not be found. They had to go all the way from camp half blood which is right out side New York all the way to California. When they finally go to California the had to go up the mountain of the titans so it is really dangerous also the general is back which is cronus’s number one warrior you no the guy who holds up the sky atlas.

When they get up there they see Annabeth laying on the ground over where you hold up the sky and Artemis holding up the sky they also see Luke and Atlas and an army behind them Percy Jackson did the naturally stupid thing and charged Atlas but cause of this curse that was put on Percy his weapon riptide failed him and so he ran over to where Artemis was holding up the sky and took the sky for her so that she could fight Atlas, While that was happening Thalia was fighting Luke after he was defeated by her, he tried to jump at her but her reflexes was to fast and she kicked him off the cliff with was like a 30 foot drop so he should have died but didn’t when Artemis was fighting Atlas she was defeated and before she was about to get seriously hurt Zoe jumped in the way and saved her, which gave Artemis enough time to get up and ready to fight again.

In the mean time Zoe was seriously hurt and was about to die and everyone else was about to get defeated but then Artemis kicked Atlas under the sky again and so Percy jumped out of the way and so Atlas was stuck once again under the sky, but there was still a giant army that was surrounding them but out of no where Annabeth’s dad which owned a plane came out and started shooting all the monsters with Celtic bronze bullets which gave Artemis enough time to call down a chariot and so they jumped in to get away. Zoe was still really injured and on her death bed. She ends up dieing and then they find out that Atlas was Zoe’s dad so she perished by a parents hand. When they get back to camp half blood Nico found out his sister died so he got really angry and ran off which on his way finds out he is the son of Hades. Up on mount Olympus on the winter solstice they end up finding the monster which was a harmless cow sea serpent and so if you sacrifice a harmless monster you gain the power to over throw the gods, Artemis convinces the gods that they need to go to war with the titans.

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