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The reports answers five questions elated to the case of cola in China. These questions include; 1 How effective is the positioning of Future Cola? ; 2 What are the factors that have contributed to Future Cola's growth so far? ; 3 How might Coca Cola and Pepsi Co.

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. To measure the effectiveness of Strategic Positioning of Future Cola the author first analyzed its strategic positions using competitive advantage theory followed by SOOT and PEST analysis as well as porter's five forces model which helped to explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the business.

Also the political, social, economic and technological factors that are contributing to the success of Future cola have been discussed. Also the business environment was analyzed by identifying threats of substitute products, threat of new products, intense rivalries among existing players, bargaining power of appliers and bargaining power of buyers. It was found that Future Cola has become a successful brand and is competing with international brands in China because it has been advertised as a patriotic brand Intelligent.

Further Wahoo Group holds vast wholesale and retail network. Also the prices of Future Cola are low as compared to other brand. Pepsi and Coca Cola can meet the rising demand and success of future bola by adopting a localized marketing strategy, lowering prices and introducing new flavors that are close to the taste that Chinese people like. 4 Report also offers recommendation to Future Cola for becoming leader in China and or succeeding globally. These recommendations include; target developing nations, medium calorie drinks as well as drinks with natural ingredients Q-1.

How effective is the positioning of Future Cola? Strategic Positioning "Pretax profit last year at Hangout Wahoo, the Chinese beverage giant controlled by the country richest man Gong Singing, climbed by 18% to 10. 1 billion Yuan, or $1. 6 billion, amid a fall in raw material costs, a company spokesman told Forbes". (Forbes, 2013) The Company started its operations in 1987 as a milk factory that was run by a School with the goal of providing children with nutrient drinks. The company is among top five global beverage producers.

Future Cola was introduced by Wahoo Group of China in 1998 at the time when carbonated drinks had become popular and this category was covering half of the volume of the soft drink industry. In 1997 the output of cola in China was 1. 36 million with 80% combined market share of Pepsi and Coca Cola. Currently on number three in China and Number five in the world among soft drink manufacturers Wahoo has successfully achieved and maintained its position. (Nancy Dad, 2004) Competitive Advantage The competitive advantage of Future Cola lays in its generic business strategy that fermentation strategy.

The Future Cola gained success because the CEO was prepared on how multinationals will respond to this new brand and prepared to compete with response as well increase its market share in the future. (Nancy Dad, 2004) The outward evidence of competitive advantage for Future Cola can be seen in its success in China as third major soft drink in China and high growth in sales. Future Cola is enjoying superior delivered cost position due to low costs 6 international brands and close to the Chinese taste and culture. Positional advantage has many benefits and cannot be exploited

In theory, the competitive advantage is described from two perspectives; 1 . Resource 2. Capabilities As regards resources Future cola has competitive advantage that because it has vast distribution network, financial capacity, its manufacturing and distribution network in low cost, has production capacity, it purchases raw material

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