Reveiw Questions and Critical Thinking Questions

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What is a camera?

A camara is a light-tight box that contains a light-sensitive material or device and a way of letting in a desired amount of light at particular times to create an image on the light-sensitive material.

What is a convex lens?

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A convex lens is bend the light toward the center of the lens, since one or both sides of the glass curve out. It also takes the various rays of light and bends them toward the same point, which ultimately allows an image to form.

What three components make up a film camera?

Define each part. The three components are First is the mechanical element, which is the camera body and the parts associated with it the second one is the optical element, This is otherwise known as the camera lens. Finally, we have the chemical element, which is the film. These three different elements make up a film camera.

What is a pentaprism?

What job does it do in the camera? A pentaprism which is a five-sided mirror. The job of the pentaprism is to flip the light from the image so that the image appears right side up rather than shows the inverted image that first occurs.

What are point and shoot cameras?

How do they differ from SLR cameras? Point and shoot cameras are those that use an optical viewfinder, rather than having the semiautomatic mirror. The image the photographer sees through the viewfinder is not the exact same image that will be recorded. An SLR, or single lens reflex, camera has a semiautomatic movement of the mirror, which produces an exact image in the viewfinder, is different from the point and shoot cameras because the point and shoot cameras shows not the exact image that will be recorded, and the SLR show a exact image.

What is JPEG?

What considerations have to be kept in mind with JPEG? JPEG  is the default file format in many digital cameras on the market today. We need to consider JPEG has an important drawback to this space-saving advantage—it is compressed in a lossy manner, which means that some of the data is lost. The more the image is compressed (the smaller the size of the file), the more information from the image is lost.

What is the difference between optical and digital zoom?

Optical zoom works like a telephoto lens, the image quality remains the same as the image is magnified. Digital zoom crops the image and enlarges the cropped image to fill the frame of the camera. This means that the digital zoom generally results in a loss of quality in the image. They are different because Optical zoom remans the same as the image is magnificant, and digital zoom enlarge the cropped image to fill the frame of the camera.

What are the steps you can take to create a pinhole camera?

Have you tried to make one? First, you’ll want to cut the round oatmeal box (or other cardboard type tube or round container) in half, leaving the bottom of the container in place, so that you have two short round pieces or tubes. Place a piece of wax paper over one of the open ends of the round container and tape it in place. Once you have this done, put the oatmeal tube back together again so that the wax paper is in the middle of the tube. Wrap tape around the middle of the tube where the two pieces join together, making the tube as lightproof as possible. Finally, create a small pinhole in the bottom of the container. Now you’re ready to try out your pinhole camera. I’m going to try to make one.

What are some of the differences between film and digital cameras? Which one do you prefer? Digital cameras digital cameras create files that are relatively large, digital images do not require processing for viewing, use an electronic image sensor to digitally record an image, Some digital cameras can also be used to create video in addition to still photographs. Digital cameras create photographs that are made up of pixels. Film cameras film must loaded into cameras and developed in light-tight conditions, this drives up the cost of developing and printing film-based images, ilm negatives or final prints must be scanned prior to computer manipulation, some color prints can fade over time. I prefer digital camara.

What are some advantages of being able to see an image right after you’ve taken it (such as with an instant camera or being able to review the image on a digital camera)? With a digital camera you can basically take as many photos as you like until you get the perfect image. If you don’t like the way your photo has turned out you can simply delete it and take it again. This can be done because you can view the photo seconds after you’ve taken it, is just perfect to have this camaras, and be able to see the image right after you’ve taken it.

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