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Education is the key to a bright future

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Education is the key to a bright future”, a statement that my parents have constantly reminded me of and has become a reality. My ambition and determination to succeed in education has prompted me to maneuver through the thickets of financial constrains to which I was predisposed throughout my early schooling life. In many occasions in the course of my education, I have been forced to halt my progress to give my parents an opportunity to gather more resources to push me forward.

The hardships I encountered have shaped me into a determined student and consequently, I have engaged in many activities with the aim of ensuring that I cultivate a better life is for myself as well others in society. After completing my high school studies in Russia, the top grades attained gave me an opportunity to access college education, although this leaning stage was not a bed of roses bent on the several challenges encountered. However, my zeal to reach my goals and objectives could not give any room to despondency and hopelessness.

Complacency and dwelling in the comfort zone have always been my worst enemies which I have overcome with sober mindedness and hard work. At the time, the course that I decided to study was Japanese and English studies. My choice of course was in line with my bigger vision of studying not only in Russia but also in other countries like U. S and Japan since I believed in looking for higher opportunities which can only come forth with sharpened multi-lingual abilities. It bears mentioning that financial constrains forced me to seek employment especially during the holidays.

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Luckily I found an opening in a certain tourism agency where I worked as an assistant record keeper, carrying out all the duties assigned diligently and effectively. The money however was inadequate since I only worked for a few hours after school and therefore I had to find some more work to adequately meet my needs. Consequently, I volunteered to teach English language in several high schools from which I earned some more income. This was a greatly supplement to what my parents earned from their cloth selling business.

Eventually, my three years in college were complete and wonderful credits could not fail to reflect in my certificates. After graduating from my first college, my parents concurred with me that it was the high time I explored the academic world in a different environment having acquired the great foundation. However, the financial aspect of it had to be addressed quite explicitly to ensure that problems do not crop up in the middle of the journey. My dreams had always been to further my studies in the United States.

My parents had to look for all the available means to ensure that my quest for excellence in the world of academia was fulfilled. Eventually they managed to raise funds for my flight and a part of my college tuition fee at Hunter College in New York. The background I had in Russia was of great help in my new environment where most students are English speakers. Therefore, my persistence and ability to make the right choices and appropriate decisions seemed to be paying off as my dreams of studying in America had finally come true.

As a Russian transfer student, my English skills facilitated my interaction not only with my fellow college mates but also with the highly qualified teaching staff. I decided to further my studies in English and Japanese translation for which the progress was quite commendable and the grades encouraging. However, my hopes of finishing the second college were overshadowed by severe shortage of finances to cater for tuition and also my upkeep. Despite the wonderful efforts made by my parents and friends to sponsor my studies at Hunter College, there was always a deficit which made me to be in and out of college on several occasions.

More often than not, I had to plead with the college administration to allow me stay in class for more days since the amount paid intermittently for my tuition was inadequate to sail me through to the end of each semester. Unfortunately, I could not make it to complete the stipulated three years period of study and therefore had to terminate my studies. However, I have never believed in impossibilities since my optimistic disposition gives no room for hopelessness.

I am determined to climb the next available rung in the diverse opportunities in Berkeley College where I intend to study a Bachelors degree in Fashion Marketing and Management. As I have explained, my greatest obstacle has been shortage of funds. Therefore with a scholarship, I am sure I will have the ability to study this business course to its full length. After acquiring this precious knowledge, I intend to help my parents in marketing the various fashions of clothes they deal with and also assist them in expanding their business through good management skills. I also envision establishing my own business empire in the long run.

Education is the key to a bright future essay

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