Analyzing Ore’s Performance, Marketing Environment, and Future Success Factors

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Since its introduction, he initial Ore chocolate cookie did not change much, but over time, Ore expand its line by launching new flavors new shapes and forms. Ore has even progressed beyond the cookie field developing sweet, desert, and many different food service. (http://www. Immaterial. Com/pages/ore. Asps#! Prototype/()/) The alma of this paper Is to discuss and evaluate Ore through an analysis of its: Superior performance, Marketing environment, through the use of Porter Five Forces, Marketing mix, using the 4 AS, and finally we will identify Ore's future Critical Success factors, with a

SOOT analysis for support. L) Successful company During the super Bowl blackout In 2013, Ore took advantage of the captive public and posted an ad on Backbone and twitter that became "one of the most talked moments of the game" The message got almost 15,000 re Twitter and more that 20,000 likes on Backbone. (Minute) 2013 Smarty Pants elected Ore as kids' most loved brands. Brand keys customer loyalty leaders survey 2013 Chips ahoy, its primary competitors is at the 21st place. Ore generates 1,billion in global annual revenues. 916 million consumer reach points growing at 8%

Now an international favorite MACRO DEMOGRAPHIC School-aged kids and young adults are the main consumers of Ore cookie. However every Ore advertisement stages a family generally one kid with one parent. Indeed household with kids consume more cookies that those who don't have children (Minute 2010). Furthermore, the forecast of children population growth augurs the Cookie industry in the way that children that are younger than 6 years old and those between the ages of 6 and 11 demonstrate the strongest population growth (census) The brand s ass slogan "America s best loved cookie".

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Shows how Ore used to be more nationally than internationally focused. The 2 Asian giants China and India were the first abroad market in which Ore was introduced. In 1996 Ore expanded its worldwide ambition, being present today in more than 100 countries. The changes in traditional assumption habits (busier and irregular life style, time pressure) have limited the number of sit at table repast. According to MIMI, the worldwide snack food sales is expected to grow by 7 percent annually to reach 334$ billion by 2015.

Kraft China has adapted Ore recipes in function of the local; they reduced the annuity of sugar in the biscuits. ECONOMIC The current crisis has led to a global precautionary behavior toward consumption. Cookies are moderately elastic maintain its sales thanks to its customer loyalty. Ore opted for a strategy focusing on emerging Market. Indeed, Ore is today sold in 85 developing markets. From 2007 to 201 5 Ore has grown averagely on 37 percent every year in developing markets. Ore has emerged in the global market adapting its product with suitable flavors shapes and packaging.

For instance Canadian Ore contains coconut oil, Japanese Ore are made with 'salty hookah Milk cream. Ore s social networking was first made in English exclusively; Ore then translated it in 10 different languages and customized messages to reach more customers and fans by adapting to local markets. (Business Week) FIDEL However, in 1996, Ore was introduced to China during the 4 years that followed, the brand showed solid growth. However right after, Ores growth in the country crushed.

In 1996 when Kraft first introduced Ore, the Brand first showed solid growth until late asses. Then the brand began to struggle for years, Kraft even noninsured leaving China. After many surveys explaining the mistakes of the Brand, Ore adjusted its recipe to localized flavors by using less sugar in the recipe. Kraft Food enhances the brand's growth by increasing Ore's footprint all over the world. It has done many acquisitions 2006: Kraft acquired the Spanish Portuguese operations of British cookie maker United Biscuits. 007: Damon sold its biscuit business to Kraft 2010: Kraft buys Academy which then abele to trigger Ore in India. => Internationalization of Ore It effectively expand the worldwide scope of Ore by retrieving the patents and sciences kept by PUB NATURAL Terra Cycle (a waste recycling company) uses a fusing machine to transform Ore wrapping paper into kites, bags and umbrellas. (wry. Acquisitiveness's. Com) Ore cookies utilizes palm oil in their products, its main providers are located in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Farmer has expanded their plantation by burning rainforest's. Ore's awareness of the impact of deforestation, they then encourage their provider to be part of the "Roundtable on sustainable Palm Oil (RSVP)" Ore does it's best buying Palm Oil that has a minimum impact on environment. (Money. CNN. Com) TECHNOLOGICAL (Shore branding. Com) Ore is one of the brands with the most successful digital marketing strategy. 35 million Backbone fans and 100,000 followers. Ore's E-Business strategy has led the company to post one tweet per day and one Vine per week.

The Sandwich cookie brand's crafty posts and attracting attention to pictures and videos have led Ore to a growing number of Fans across its different networks. Ore is the 63rd Backbone Page with most Fans. Also, in February 2011, Ore successfully got a Guinness World Record in the most "likes" received within 24-hours (Wassermann, 2011) POLITICAL / SOCIAL Ore used to use trans fat (a fatty acid that increases cholesterol and heart diseases risks) in its product. After many campaigns to ban to use of the product, Kraft Food was sued. Ore then started using non-hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Furthermore, in France, the way ask the food product advertising on TV to introduce sanitary message such as "for your health avoid eating too Greece, too sugary, too salty' or "for your health practice sport regularly'. This was set in order to prevent the public (especially kids) to sickness related to unhealthy food. Ore entered into the political debate concerning the gay marriage. In recognition with the LIGHT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) pride month, Kraft Food has posted an Ore head up with 6 colorful layers representing the gay rainbow. (NY daily news) -> Received more than 226 000 likes.

But some comment said they wanted to boycott the Brand. In the ass the Jewish population represented 5,2 million of the US (potential market) so in 1998 the brand decided to respond to the Jewish formalities by introducing its first kosher cookie. Micro Power of supplier - Low Raw materials are readily (accessible? (Basic commodities) Supplier size Ore's switching cost are quite low, nearly nil costs. Variety of substitute inputs (easy and cheap to witch to alternative) Labor force (low power unions) Ore buys in high volume standardized products. Ore 's brand strength makes it more powerful.

Freedom to choose best supplier Responsive to supplier cost. "More picky' Suppliers are weak Ore is made of chocolate, cacao, vanilla, wheat flour. Ore can buy agriculture product from many different farmers. (Many small supplier with wide range of supply firms and small market share). Diverse range of supplier. So, low supplier power abeles Ore to increase its profit and to be more profitable, attractive and beneficial. DATA: who makes the packaging? Buyers moderate Output differentiation Because Ore differs from competitors due to (taste, packaging blue color) The Ore chocolate sandwich cookie makes 10% of all store cookie sales. 3 billion market. Ores has shown towards its competitive isolation for its competitors. Corporate customers, convenience store, dollar stores, grocery stores and dispenser mainly distribute Ore. Ore scale economies, Important fixed cost. More they produce less the unit price is expensive. s the world's top selling cookie Substitute There is many kind of snack and biscuits, Healthier substitute does exist, for instance Newman-co's (no organic sugar) due to increase in health concern. As Ore is quite a low cost product, its potential substitute, There is a low switching cost from Ore to other snacks such as chocolate bars.

Ore has succeeded in differentiating by.... New competitors low Entry barrier are not so high in the cookie industry, there is a low initial capital required to create food-processing plant. But Ore is not only considered as a cookie but also as a Brand. Ore has crated brand loyalty. Strong brand name and customer loyalty. New brand need to create a network of loyal client to hope to be as competitive. They need a large capital to invest, Ore enjoys major economy of scales due to there large factory which can discourage new entrant.

Data: expenses on marketing, plant capital requirement. In the I-J it was first available in Ginsburg. Now it is launched across the I-J on the back of its E,5 million campaign. Ore's major competitor is Chip Ahoy, which is also part of Kraft Food. PRODUCT After the first Ore was introduced in 1912, the cookie design hasn't change. It is still the sandwich cookie made of 2 chocolate disks with the creamy white filing in the middle. There is 30% of cream and 70% of biscuit. The annual cookie recipe 18 million pounds of cacao an 47 million pounds of cream filling.

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