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Nikita Khrushchev Nikita

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Khrushchev was a self-made man, even with his unfortunate and harsh upbringing he still managed to make a name for himself. He became one of the most powerful and influential leaders In Russia, simultaneously holding the offices of Premier of the U. S. S. R. And First Secretary of the Communist Party. Strong willed, and committed, Nikkei Khrushchev fought for what he believed in and striver to make his country, Russia, a better place. Nikolas Khrushchev was born In a southern Russian village of Slovakia on April 5th 1894 .

He was born into a poor family as a result he had to help his father take care of the family at the tender age of fifteen . Ata young age he learned how to work hard and fend for himself, which is one of the reason he was such a strong leader, people could relate to him more than the upper and middle class politicians. He was then drafted Into the Czarist army during World War I and soon after willingly Joined the communist party and the Russian Red army stood against the white army , people who favored the Czar Nobility.

He got the education he needed as an adult so he could be appointed secretary of the communist party Committee. As he rose to power, he never used it to manipulate or harm his people unlike his successor Joseph Stalin. He believed his only Job, as a leader was to make his people happy and restore the lost honor of Russia. He wanted Russia to be Just as advanced as Its rival country; united States. He launched programs to promote agriculture, heavy Industrial and military production.

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HIS plan for agriculture had a huge Impact n soviet life, since new tractors and machinery were to be built it created more jobs, which boosted the Russian economy. It also increased the amount of crops produced during harvest; by almost triple the amount of crops . One of his main policies was peaceful coexistence; it assumes a readiness to solve all outstanding issues without resorting to force by means of negotiation and reasonable compromises. For example, he openly did not agree with capitalist but he still believed underlying Issues could be worked out without war.

He didn't believe In forcing his Ideas on people and that people should believe what they wanted to without being penalized, it was almost like a democracy. Although he did many good things for his country, many historians disagree that Nikkei benefited Russia (Soviet Union) at all. In Fact some wonder if events such as the Berlin Scrolls would have happened If someone else ruled the Soviet union. The Berlin Mêlées crisis was a huge misunderstanding. All countries were taking precautions. The U.

S installed several missiles sites all over Europe and one appended to be in range to strike Moscow, the Capital of the Soviet union. As a precaution the soviets put missiles in Cuba that could strike almost any portion of the U. S . Any leader would have reacted this way but his funding of the missile development at the expense of naval and regular forces had alienated the military. They say he failed to revive soviet agriculture because the steps taken to achieve his peace, he should have known that the capitalists would not succumb to his policies without a little force.

In order for his policies to succeed he would need the full or charity support of his people. In contrast I don't think he failed, the agriculture industry boomed, and the economy skyrocketed because he created more Jobs. He also made his country more technologically advanced than any other ruler could. For example, tractors, missiles etcetera. Even though historians say he cause havoc, I don't think he should be blamed for the Berlin crisis, soviet-U. S antagonism would largely have remained and the world would still have been trapped in a cold war.

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