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The Incredible Hulk Review

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{draw:g} “10 out of 10” says everyone! If not it is because they must be green with envy at the magnum opus that was synthesised by Louis Leterrier himself! But still no contest to the first film. “Unleash the fury” was the tagline for the intellectual production, which is “The Incredible Hulk” we can certainly say the viewers were filled with fury when the film came to an abrupt and odd ending when the wrecked city faded away with no questions answered.

The film was far from incredible, I would say……… unconceivable and that alone wouldn’t put a smile on my face. The film opens with the traditional Marvel trademark guarantying another larger-than-life, adrenaline filled and gleaming adaptation summoned from Stan Lee’s genius psyche. We have a glance into the terrible accident that ruined Bruce Banner’s (Edward Norton) life, a brilliant (or terrible? ) experiment involving gamma radiation that renders a monstrous alter-ego that convenes when Bruce’s anger meter reaches boiling point.

We witness where he has been lowered to; a favela in Brazil where the fear of being shipped off to a Government facility to be experimented on dominates his every thought. We see a little box that reads: Days without Incidence: 145. His efforts to hide himself from recognition have failed him when a single drop of blood oozes from his finger and we get a close up of the betraying blood as it cascades towards the empty bottles, Louis’s camera shot created the effect of a dramatic fall because of the sheer speed at which the blood fell.

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The Government catch way of the concealed fugitive and the chase is on. The battle begins in the streets of the favela town and the end is inevitable. Yes, the hulk does demonstrate his effortless ability to destroy and exterminate things and yes, the Government agents go flying….. But after the big brawl that trashed the town and left all Government agents hospitalised Bruce finds himself randomly in North America and the little box comes up again: Days without incidence: 0. He ventures to Culver University: were the hulk was born.

He accidentally meets the love of his life, Betty (Liv Tyler) who was dating psychiatrist Leonard Samson (Ty Burrel) who is swiftly aborted when her eyes find themselves staring at Bruce, the connection is rapidly re-established. They seem to fall helplessly in love and their journey starts to try finding a cure in the hands of Mr Blue…………… In the intervening time a Government soldier named Blonsky (Tim Roth) has been put forward for a test to bestow the powers of the incredible hulk; enhanced strength, speed, agility, reflexes, endurance and healing. without the defect of massive size and loss of control.

He slowly obtains the urge to become more powerful once he saw what the Hulk could do in a brilliant scene where Bruce had been driven to a glass bridge and gassed shadowing the talented Bruce to renovate into the highly powerful Hulk, the camera shot –A big close up- was effective because it slowly zoomed in to add anticipation to see what was going on in the glass bridge, Bruce is rapidly angered and he metamorphosis’s to the hulk then a huge green hand pounds against the glass, the soldiers pupils dilate at the fear inside them. The soldiers run like ants compared with the hulk when he smashing the glass and its integrate with one swoop.

They learn that Sterns has developed a possible antidot that may cure Banner's condition, or merely reverse each individual transformation. After a successful test, Sterns reveals that he has synthesized Banner's blood sample (which he sent from Brazil) into a large supply with the intention of using it to bring humans to the next evolutionary level. Appalled by what Sterns had done and fearful of the Hulk's power falling into the wrong hands, Banner attempts to convince Sterns to destroy the blood supply, but he is attacked by Ross' forces and taken into custody with Betty.

While Sterns is interrogated by a female soldier about his work, Blonsky strikes her down and demands that Sterns inject him with Banner's blood sample, as he covets the awesome power of the Hulk. Sterns warns that the combination of the super soldier formula (which Blonsky has overdosed on, slightly deforming his skeleton) and a gamma treatment would be an unpredictable combination that could turn him into an "abomination".

Unconcerned, Blonsky forces Sterns to administer the gamma charge, and he mutates into a hideous monster, with strength and power that surpasses that of the Hulk, but retaining Blonsky's intelligence and personality. He knocks Sterns aside and escapes, rampaging through the city to draw the Hulk out. At the lab, an irradiated sample of Banner's blood-derivative drips into an open wound on Sterns' temple, causing his head to mutate and expand, much to his delight.

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