Google – Internationalization Strategy

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Google is a company that provides both search and advertising services to computer users all around the globe. The main aim or rather the mission of the company is to organize the maximum amount of the information in the world and make the gathered information accessible universally (Google). Apart from being a dominant and popular search engine all over the globe the company also offers a wide variety of products the most popular being Google Earth, You tube etc. Considering today’s state of art technology, a clear vision and commitment is required to develop innovation and technology and survive in the competitive world.

This is what exactly Google team strives for. Despite being accredited as the world’s best internet search engines, the goal of the company remains to provide higher service levels to all the customers who are need of information irrespective of their situation i. e. making information available on the desk, mobile and at the fingertips of the customer (Crunch Base). The strategy that the company adopts is continuous innovation along with exceeding the limits of today’s existing technology in order to serve its customers with fast and accurate information at their ease and convenience.

Since its evolution, the company’s main focus was on providing the best possible experience to its users. Google has been conscious in not making any changes to the way it does business if there is not benefit that a customer can get. Google’s focus and main interest has always been customers, customer and only customers. This way it has built a huge amount of loyal customer on the web. The company believes in instant satisfaction or delight.

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It is because of this belief that the company has become a unique and one and only company in the world whose goal is to ensure that its users leave its website at a very minimal time p. This means that the customers are getting the required information which is latest in a very limited time and this obviously means the company updates the information base continuously. The company continuously strives to always deliver more than what is expected. According to the company, best is not the end but rather it is the point of start. Innovation and iteration are the two aspects on which the company continuously focuses upon.

Another strategy that the company uses is to facilitate information across the globe and in order to achieve this; the company hosts a plethora of internet domains in more than 35 languages to suit the preferences of different kinds of users. The company also adopts a translation feature in order to make the information available to its user irrespective of their native language. This feature allows customization of the information into more than 100 languages. According to the founders of the company – Google, the company does not consider anything serious apart from search.

The basic idea behind the evolution of Google is that the task undertaken should be challenging enough and the challenge handling process should be fun filled. With a user base of more than millions, Google continuously strives to identify points of resistance and also means to handle them in a very small time p. This continuous effort is what is helping the company to remain the global leader in search engines. ? Bibliography Crunch Base. google. 2008. 8 December 2008 <http://www. crunchbase. com/company/google>. Google. Company Overview. 2008. 8 December 2008 <http://www. google. com/corporate/>.

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