What are the key factors behind Google’s early success?

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2022
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Google, which began as a research project by Larry Page in 1996 is currently the world's largest search engine. The company provides free service and depending on the Meta tag entered by the user, it returns relevant results in decreasing relevancy in a fraction of a second. It has actually become the world’s largest source of information in almost all prominent world languages. The search of information begins with the site www. google. com and with the help of the entered Meta tag, information can be searched out.

The Meta tag can be of any type. The number of domains the Google owns may range to dozens providing services like stock quotes, news headlines, images, email service and many more. The request for information is generally in forma of query and in just fraction of a second the query gets processed and is displayed on the users’ screen (Google Inc). The main business of Google and the reason behind its successes has been revenue generation through online advertising. Read also G oogle's business model relies on which of the following to generate revenue

It provides the advertisers the most deliverable and cost effective online advertising opportunity through pages which are most relevant to the product which are being advertised. These advertisements are displayed according to the query searched for and hence are beneficial for both user and the advertiser. The Google AdWords program helps advertisers to promote their products and the Google AdSense program helps many website managers to generate revenue with ad participation though Google (Google Inc).

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