Development of a Proposed Commercial Building

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BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

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Facilities... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

IDENTIFICATION OF PROBLEMS... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...


Duties of parties... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

Government/client... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

Public work section... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ..

Evaluation OF PROCUREMENT METHODS... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

RECOMMEDATION... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Choice PROCEDURES... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .

Decision... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... .


Proposed commercial edifice


The aims of the said undertaking i.e. edifice of commercial centre is a authorities ain undertaking. When completed, it is expected to supply a contributing environment for commercial activities. Therefore, to accomplish the underline mark, certain standards have to be met in term of conduciveness for the activities to be carried out. The edifice is to be constructed for commercial intent and so the grounds for building have to be in topographic point.

Therefore, the procurance to be usage for building and methods is really of import as it affect the cost, quality and clip of bringing of the undertaking. As given, the clip for undertaking completion is 2 old ages under certain conditions. It is important to understand what type of procurance to achieve certain work quality, within the demarcated clip and at an low-cost cost.

Possibly, it is of import to understand the ground for building ( economic activities ) to do the edifice functional. Most public edifices failed because a clear mark is non place for the edifice public presentation. To accomplish these, a consecutive work frame should be arranged with a clear mark building.


Facilities in commercial edifices are so many and are provided harmonizing to the functions/ public presentation of the commercial edifice. Such edifices include office edifices, industrial, retail/restaurant, multifamily, land and assorted. Therefore, the installations provided for each of the above reference commercial edifices varies depending on the type of edifice demand.

Below are some of the installations in commercial edifices:

  • Recreational installations
  • Restaurant
  • Ticket counter
  • Worship country such as surau
  • Ace market
  • Merchandise displace country
  • Rest room/changing room
  • Shops
  • Bank facilities/ ATM machine
  • Siting installations for wheel chair users
  • Inquiry offices
  • Custom country
  • Waiting country etc


In most cases, the authorities undertakes big scale undertakings and public installations such as, main roads, larning establishments, infirmaries and athletics installations. They are non net income oriented but important in footings of bringing, quality of plants and safety. Unfortunately a figure of authorities funded undertaking in the state suffered. They failed to accomplish the said quality and agenda.

  • The deficiency of range for bettering building efficiency and derived relevant quality and efficiency mark and public presentation steps for building plants.
  • Failure to analyze current pattern and the range for betterment by invention in merchandise and procedures.
  • Failure to place specific actions and good pattern which would assist accomplish more efficient building in footings of quality and client satisfaction, seasonableness in bringing and value for money.


Duties of parties

Basically there are three parties involved in this undertaking, to which if any mistake arises will be held responsible. These parties include:

  1. The authorities who happens to be the client and to which gives the contract under a certain ministry.
  2. The chief contractor of the undertaking
  3. The wellness and safety statute law and enforcement bureau, which is responsible for the effectiveness execution of the so called safety and wellness policies.


The Government as the client and as the client and as the proprietor of the undertaking has a diverse duties. The authorities is supposed to name a competent designer or supervisor who will supervise the undertaking from the start until finishing phase. The planning supervisor to the edifice is specifically referred to in the SBC ( standard edifice contract ) as being appointed by the employer, and to which the planning supervisor is stated to be the designer unless some other single is identified. The planning supervisor is required to:

Ensure that the design avoid foreseeable hazard.

  • Ensure co-operation between interior decorators.
  • Be able to advice the client as the employer is termed in CDM94 ( building design direction ) on the competency of appointed interior decorators.
  • Be able to advice the client on competency of the contractor.
  • Ensure readying of bill of exchange wellness and safety program for the contractors at stamps phase.
  • Give notice of the undertaking to the wellness and safety executive.
  • Review and amend the wellness and safety files as work returns.
  • Deliver the wellness and safety files to the client on completion of the undertaking.

The chief contractor

The rule contractor is stated to be the contractor or such offer contractor as the employer shall name as the chief contractor pursuant to regulation 6 ( 5 ) of CDM 94. The employer must be moderately satisfied that such principle contractor is competent and can apportion sufficient resources to guarantee contraption with ordinances. The chief contractor is required to:

  • Ensure that other contractors comply with their duties on wellness and safety affairs.
  • Co-ordinate co-operate between sub-contractors
  • Ensure conformity with wellness and safety programs.
  • Ensure that all relevant individuals comply with all the wellness and safety programs.
  • Ensure that merely authorized individual are allowed on site.
  • Expose a transcript of noticed submitted the wellness and safety executive.
  • Supply the planning supervising with the information required for the wellness and safety files.
  • Instruct other contractors so that the rule contractors responsibilities are comply with.
Health and safety ordinance organic structures

The section of occupational safety and wellness ( DOSH ) and other bureaus has ordinances that lay down the legal demand to guarantee that the safety and wellness of non merely the workers at topographic point of work but besides the populace every bit good. These guidelines applied to all work in edifice operation and work of technology building activities in Malaysia. Covered by the occupational safety and wellness act 1994 ( ACT 514 ) the mill and machine act 1967 ( ACT 139 ) and all the ordinances made there under. It is designated to function as a ready to hand mention and to read together with above mentioned statute law and other industry codification of patterns.

In this, the section wellness safety and wellness work in coaction with other ordinance organic structures to congratulate their policies. These are:

  1. National Institute of Safety and Health ( NAOSH ) .
  2. Construction Industry Development Board ( CIDB ) .

All these organic structures mentioned supra are to guarantee zero accident is obtained both at topographic point of work after the chief building and besides during construction’s procedure.

  • To procure the safety, wellness and public assistance of individual at work against hazards of safety and wellness originating out of activities of individuals at work.
  • To protect individuals at topographic point of work other than individual at work against hazards to safety and wellness originating out of individual at work.
  • To advance an occupational environment for individual at work which is adapted to their physiological and physiological demands?
  • To supply agencies where by the associated occupational safety and wellness ordinances possibly increasingly by a system of ordinances and supply industry codification of pattern operating in combination with the proviso of this act designed to keep or improved the criterion of safety and wellness.

Public work section

The public work section is the authorities functionary which is under a certain ministry of Housing Urban and Rural development. The duty of this authorization is to put to death and work with chief metropolis program. The multitudes in bend must work with the local authorization so as to accomplish the metropolis maestro program. Therefore, every person or company willing to raise any construction must subject their building’s propose program to local authorization for blessing.

Possibly, this authorization already put up programs for the general public use ( Internet Explorer: Areas set out for industrial, commercial and residential countries ) . By and large, when there is disapproval from the local authorization, the aggrieved person/s can ever appeal for blessing until a certain understanding is reach by both parties. Therefore, the local authorization is responsible for giving out building’s programs and specification.


The definition of procurance is ‘the obtaining of goods and services’ . But in building, it is to obtaining the whole spectrum of good, stuffs, works and services in order to plan, construct and commissions a edifice that delivers the best possible value for the money for the client over its life rhythms. In traditionally, standards for the choice for good, stuffs, works and services has been the cheapest or lowest monetary value command. However, for presents, the accent has changed from cheapest cost to outdo value. The procedure of obtaining a scope of building services and providers in order to present a building solution to identified demands.

The procurance demands of the undertaking is

  1. Time
  2. Cost
  3. Quality or specification

Types of Procurement

There are many types of procurance which design based on the demand of the undertaking and the demands of the client in the undertaking. The different types of procurement represent different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the client should take consequently to their budget and demands in the undertaking. Although that have many types of procurance but in Malaysia are merely focus.

Traditional procurance

This procurance method is client appointed a design squad by his ain and completed the drawing of undertaking consequently. After that, the client will name a chief contractor to transport out the building harmonizing to the drawing and specification drawn up by the design squad. At the same clip, the building work will be advice by the leader of the design squad, which is architect or civil technology.

Direct relationship Indirect relationship


  1. The unit rates allow easiness of rating for the phase payments of work carried out and for any fluctuation to the original design.
  2. All parties have a clear image and responsible as to the extent of their duties.
  3. It gives a clear analysis of the cost of all facets of the undertaking.


  1. Changes may take to differences or claim.
  2. Take clip in design phase.
  3. Design does non profit to building experience.

Design and Build Procurement

This procurance is client merely appointed a contractor. The contractor will hold his ain design squad to plan consequently the demand of the proprietor so he will construct consequently.


  1. Less proficient hazard because the contractor is responsible to plan and construct based on their experiences.
  2. Save clip due to no tendering is needed.


1.Cost will detect by terminal of design.

2. The contractor may cut down the quality to maximum their net incomes.

Prison guard

The prison guard is a type of undertaking that is constructed so that it could be sold to any purchaser as a completed merchandise. This is contrasted with physique to order, where the builder builds an point to the buyer’s exact specifications, or when an uncomplete merchandise is sold with the premise that the purchaser would finish it. Main contractor responsible for design. Main contractor responsible for building. chief contractor installed the trappings


1. A prison guard contract is one in which an independent agent agrees to supply stuffs and labour to complete a undertaking and so turn it over to the proprietor for a fixed monetary value.

2. No spending of hard currency until the undertaking is done.


  1. Not easy method and affect high capableness of boosters.
  2. Transaction cost is high

Procurement based on Case Study

Based on the scenario, the suited procurance is utilizing Novated prison guard Procurement. The theory of this procurance is the client. Because the new oil company come ining Malayan market willing to fund a new community centre, when organisations or persons wish to hold a new installation, or carry out renovation or care of an bing installation, they will be involved in some from of procument. There are a assortment of different methods for securing this new installation, non all of which involve building as a solution.


I would recomment the usage of building direction for this undertaking with carefully selected director who will in individual handle the undertaking and pull off it good. This is because building direction is flexible, efficient and cost effectual.

There should be a Study Committee to consulted and guarantee the Final study addressed client concerns.Information and Material Obtained in Interviews. The advisers and clients appreciate the clip and attempt of persons and organisations who supplied information, fiscal records, remarks, and observations with respect to building of commercial edifice for this Study.

It is of import to utilize some natural stuff so as to do mention informations in the study, with ascription to the beginning. It besides to supply a strategic attack to the commercial edifice proviso within the territory required. It is recommended that before any important following stairss are taken with respects to the building advancement, the commercial and political treatments that are required associating to the possible support of the new Centre.

Such commission should be able to supply extra information which relate to the undertaking life rhythm, so cost benefit analysis to the proposed undertaking is expected to positively lend towards the local economic system through increased investing in sport/recreational installation and subsequent commercial/economic activities. On the other manus, associated undertaking activities may do some negative environmental impacts. The chief end of the commission is to supply an rating as to whether the undertaking will convey a net overall addition or loss to society from the environmental base point.

This survey adopts the impact pathway attack ( IPA ) where the physical environmental impacts are linked to an economic rating procedure.


The choice process for the most acceptable method for building of the commercial edifice is base on cost, quality and clip. It was to follow with the said importance of the undertaking precedence. These choice processs are:

  1. Identifying which of the above building procurance method would supply the needed demand for clip decrease i.e to finish undertaking with the given stipulated clip.
  2. Cost decrease or direction is of kernel, so which of the methods would be cost effectual.
  3. Identify the best method with building efficiency and derived relevant quality and efficiency mark and public presentation steps for building plants.
  • Traditional method

The traditional signifier of procurance is where the interior decorator does non hold direct nexus with the specializer and all communicating is via the chief contractor who in many instances will non accept design liability.

  • Design and Build Method

Design and Build procurance method is one in which a design-build contractor is given the duty of transporting out both the design and building of the undertaking for the client.

  • Management Contracting Method

This scheme involves the owner/ developer come ining into an understanding with Management Contractor who in bend contracts with single trade contractors.

The proprietor pays the cost of the work contracts every bit good as the direction fee for the direction services.

Fig 2.0 demoing the different procurance methods and their effectivity in relation to cost, quality, and clip.

Traditional Method

Design and Build Method

Management Catching

Time: this is considered as the most clip devouring type of procurance method

Time: It is known as fast piece of land method because of its nature of build ability.

Time: It is the fastest method comparison to the others

Cost: Cost or monetary value certainty is reasonably good. Client can be certain in respects to amount spend.

Cost: This method provides a better bundle and value for money spends on the undertaking.

Cost: It is the least in comparing with the others.

Quality: This method provides a high grade of quality and certain criterion.

Quality: It is frequently found out that the quality under this catching system tends to be questionable.

Quality: The certainty in relation to the quality of work is dependent on the bundle contractors. But it is better than D & A ; B in comparing.

The tabular array above contains critical information on the different procurance methods. Each method has its ain distinctive feature and advantages, sing the different factors i.e. cost quality and clip. It is of import to cognize that one method could non be use as best pattern for all building type. To urge the most effectual method for certain undertaking, the aim and intent for the said building must be understood.


Each undertaking procurance system has its ain distinctive feature in footings of the Pretender and station stamp activities and procedures, division of hazards between client and contractors, and the effectivity of undertaking monitoring and control.

It is really of import at the really beginning of a undertaking to carefully see all factors when choosing the most appropriate procurance attack for a building undertaking. This is because each system has its ain characteristic and distinctive feature that will hold consequence on the cost, clip and quality of the undertaking i.e. the undertaking public presentation. Aiming to get the better of typical jobs of separation of executing from be aftering and after the-fact discrepancy sensing presently experienced in the existent patterns, a vision for the this coevals of building planning and control is proposed to get the better of life undertaking executing job. It is of import to utilize current building pattern for effectual consequences.

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