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Dennis Radar also known as the BTK Killer was born on March 9, 1945 to William Elvin Radar and Dorothea Mae Cook he was the oldest of their four children he was born in Pittsburg Kansas he grew up in Wichita and attended Riverview School and later graduated from Wichita Heights High School, according to several reports for him as a child made some confessions that he tortured animals, he also had a sexual fetish for women’s underwear he would later start stealing panties from his victims and wearing them.

Dennis Radar attended Kansas Wesleyan University from 1965-1966 then he spent four yrs in the U. S. Air Force from 1966- 1970. In 1973 he attended Butler County Community College where he earned his associates degree in electronics and in the fall he went to Wichita State University he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in 1979. Dennis Radar later on in life married a lady named Paula Dietz on May 22, 1971 they then had one son and one daughter. Dennis Radar worked as a assembler for a Coleman Company from 1972-1973 which was a camping gear firm where he has two of his early victims.

He then work for a short time at a place named Cessna in 1973, then from November 1974 until being fired in July 1988 Dennis Radar worked for a security company that not only installed but also sold alarms for homes as well as businesses he many other jobs but one that was bad is that Dennis Radar started working as a supervisor for Compliance Department at Park City where he was in charge of animal control, zoning, housing problems, and a variety of nuisance cases while in this position his neighbors where he had euthanized her dog for no reason on March 2, 2005, the Park City council terminated Radar’s employment for failing to report to work due to him being arrested for some murders that he was accused for five days early.

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Radar served as not only a Animal Control but also a Board of Zoning appeals where he was appointed in 1996 and resigned in 1988. On July 27. 2005 Radar’s was arrested by Judge Eric Yost who also waved a 60 day waiting period and granted immediate divorce from his wife Radar did a not contest for the divorce after 33 yrs due to her mental health being in danger not only mental but also physically from their marriage. Dennis Radar had several victims that he had killed. On January 15, 1974 he killed four members from the Otero family he killed Joseph Otero, Julie Otero his wife, Joseph Otero II his son, and Josephine Otero his daughter. On April 4, 1974 he killed

Kathryn Bright he also shot her brother Kevin twice but he survived. On March 17, 1977 he killed Shirley Vian. On December 8, 1977 he killed Nancy Fox. On April 27, 1985 he killed Marine Hedge. On September 16, 1986 he killed Vickie Wegerle, and then on January 19, 1991 he killed Delores Davis. One of his victims Anna Williams 63 who in 1979 escaped death by returning home much later then he expected her to come home. He later on wrote a letter that he knew would get him a lot of attention here is the letter I find the newspaper not writing about the poem on Vain unamusing. A little paragraph would have enough. I know it not the media fault.

The Police Chief he keep things quiet, and doesn't let the public know there a psycho running around lose strangling mostly women, there 7 in the ground; who will be next? How many do I have to Kill before I get a name in the paper or some national attention does the cop think that all those deaths are not related? Golly -gee, yes the M. O. is different in each, but look a pattern is developing. The victims are tie up-most have been women-phone cut- bring some bondage mater sadist tendencies-no struggle, outside the death spot-no witness except the Vain's Kids. They were very lucky a phone call save them. I was going to tape the boys and put plastics bag over there head like I did Joseph, and Shirley. And then hang the girl. God-oh God what a beautiful sexual relief that would been.

Josephine when I hung her really turn me on; her pleading for mercy then the rope took whole, she helpless; staring at me with wide terror fill eyes the rope getting tighter-tighter. You don't understand these things because your not under the influence of factor x. The same thing that made Son of Sam, Jack the Ripper, Havery Glatman, Boston Strangler, Dr. H. H. Holmes Panty Hose Strangler OF Florida, Hillside Strangler, Ted of the West Coast and many more infamous character kill. Which seem s senseless, but we cannot help it. There is no help, no cure, except death or being caught and put away. It a terrible nightmare but, you see I don't lose any sleep over it.

After a thing like Fox I come home and go about life like anyone else. And I will be like that until the urge hit me again. It not continuous and I don’t have a lot of time. It takes time to set a kill, one mistake and it all over. Since I about blew it on the phone-handwriting is out-letter guide is so long and a typewriter can be traced to my short poem of death and maybe a drawing later on real picture and maybe a tape of the sound will come your way. How will you know me before a murder or murders you will receive a copy of the initials B. T. K. you keep that copy the original will show up someday guesswho? Because Rader did not contest his guilt, most evidence was not tested in court.

However, physical and circumstantial facts that would have corroborated Rader as the BTK killer include:

  • DNA analysis of BTK's semen and material taken from underneath the fingernails of victim Vicki Wegerle match the DNA profile of Dennis Rader.
  • Rader's grammar and writing style matches letters and poems received from BTK, though none of his communications were handwritten, but typed, stenciled, stamped with a stamp set or computer generated.
  • A pay phone that the killer used to report a murder in 1977 was located a few blocks from ADT Security (Rader's workplace at the time).
  • Rader had attended Wichita State University in the 1970s. Wichita Police Detective Arlyn G.

Smith II and his partner George Scantlin traced BTK's photocopied communications to two photocopy machines, one at Wichita State University and a second copier at the Wichita Public Library. BTK murder victim Kathryn Bright's brother Kevin, who was shot twice by BTK killer. Rader lived on the same street as Marine Hedge, just houses away. The BTK killer's other victims were in and around central Wichita, except for his final victim Dolores (Dee) Davis, who lived a half-mile east of Park City. Two of the victims (Julie Otero and Kathryn Bright) worked at the Coleman Company, though not during the same period that Rader worked there. Rader worked at Coleman only a short time and not at the same location as the victims. Rader's 16 plus hour confession, given fully and freely after receiving multiple Miranda warnings and recorded on over 20 DVDs, in which he alluded to all 10 known murders in remarkable (and grisly) detail. Semen found on Josephine Otero or near the bodies of his victims Josephine Otero, Shirley Vian and Nancy Fox was critical evidence linking Rader to the crimes, and DNA obtained from fingernail scrapings of Vicki Wegerle's left hand matched Rader's DNA, eliminating any doubt that he was her murderer. Other cold cases in Kansas were reopened to see if Rader's DNA matched crime scenes but Rader's confession was limited to the 10 known victims and police and prosecutors do not believe there were any more victims because of the extensive records and memorabilia he kept on each of his victims.

He later got caught and had several charges put against him here is just some of the charges he got against him On February 28, 2005, Rader was formally charged with 10 counts of first degree. He made his first appearance via video conference from jail. He was represented by a public defender. Bail was continued at $10 million. On May 3, District Court Judge Gregory Waller entered not guilty pleas to the 10 charges on Rader's behalf, as Rader did not speak at his arraignment. On June 27, the scheduled trial date, Rader changed his plea to guilty. He unemotionally described the murders in detail, and made no apologies. On August 18, Rader faced sentencing. Victims' families made statements, followed by Rader, who apologized for the crimes.

He was sentenced to 10 consecutive life terms, which requires a minimum of 175 years without a chance of parole. Because Kansas had no death penalty at the time the murders were committed, life imprisonment was the maximum penalty allowed by law. On August 19, Rader was moved from the Sedgwick County Jail to the El Dorado Correctional Facility a Kansas State Prison to begin serving his life sentence as inmate #0083707 with an earliest possible release date of February 26, 2180. According to witnesses, while travelling the 40-minute drive from Wichita to El Dorado, Rader talked about innocuous topics such as the weather, but began to cry when the victims' families' statements from the court proceedings came on the radio.

Rader is now being held in the EDCF Special Management unit, also known as solitary confinement for "the inmate's own protection", a designation he most likely will retain for the remainder of his incarceration. He is confined to the cell 23 hours a day with the exception of voluntary solo one-hour exercise yard time, and access to the shower three times per week. Beginning April 23, 2006, having reached "Incentive Level Two", Rader has been allowed to purchase and watch television, purchase and listen to the radio, receive and read magazines, and have other privileges for good behavior. The victims' families disagreed with this decision. According to Rader's record in the Kansas Department of Corrections database, he had a Class Two disciplinary report concerning "mail" on April 10, 2006.

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