Autobiography Essay Examples

Autobiography Essay Examples

Sometimes you get asked to write an autobiography essay that describes the life events of any famous or historical person or even your personal life path. In a nutshell, this is a paper that presents any person to the reader in the written form, describes the most important life events, and gets the reader familiar with the person it’s written about.

Because there are different reasons for writing this text, there will be different focuses, depending on the purpose. Many students find it hard to write it - and it's no wonder! This is where having a good college autobiography essay example might help. We hear you, and we've collected a database of papers where you can find any free autobiography essay to inspire you. Feel free to read them and write a better one for yourself!

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Autobiography of a Coin

I was born in mines. My body is made of various metals. Thus I have no fixed race. I am a hybrid. I remember the day when I was put into a furnace. The whole of my body was burning red hot. Finally, I remember …

Words 604
Pages 3
Developmental Autobiography

Even before a child was brought in the outside world, there are things which he can already do on his own. But of course, the full functionality of such motions is stabilized after he was given birth. The cycle of one’s life is a brief …

Words 113
Pages 1
Biography N.V.M Gonzales

A teacher, author, journalist and essayist, Gonzalez is one of the most widely recognized, anthologized and closely studied among Filipino writers. His most notable works include the novels The Winds of April, The Bamboo Dancers and A Season of Grace, short story collections Children of …

Words 754
Pages 3
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My Autobiography Essay Sample

My name is Humayun Rauf and I’m born in Karachi, Pakistan. I have been living in Houston for almost three years and currently staying at Cambridge Oaks which is walking distance to University of Houston main campus. Starting from fall, I’ll be starting my junior …

Words 517
Pages 2
Autobiography of a Simple Girl…Yeah Right.

How does one start an autobiography? I tried reading some other works and some would start off with “Hello my name is… ” or “I grew up in a blah blah blah”. Nothing seemed very inspirational so I guess I’ll just start with my name. …

Words 1263
Pages 5
Biography of Andres Bonifacio

Andres Bonifacio (1863-1897), a Philippine revolutionary hero, founded the Katipunan, a secret society which spearheaded the uprising against the Spanish and laid the groundwork for the first Philippine Republic. Andres Bonifacio was born in Tondo, Manila, on Nov. 30, 1863. He grew up in the …

Andres BonifacioAutobiography
Words 437
Pages 2
Biography of Dudley Ransford Grant

Dudley Ransford Brandyce Grant was an educationalist who specialized in the theory of early childhood school development in Jamaica. He is regarded by many as the ‘Father of Early Childhood Education in Jamaica’. Born in Santa Marta, Colombia on September 15, 1915 he immigrated to …

Words 487
Pages 2
Reflection on Nelson’s Mandela Biography

Nelson Mandela has earned a place among the world’s greatest leaders of the 20th century by his struggle against oppression and apartheid as well as his leading role in steering his country from minority rule to democracy. He is often ranked together with some world …

AutobiographyNelson Mandela
Words 1948
Pages 8
An Autobiography of Moon

I know you are very curious to know about me. I have often noticed you looking at me with eager eyes. Now listen to my life story. I belong to a very large family, the solar family. My grandfather is called the Sun and he …

Words 297
Pages 2
Reflective Autobiography

I am the first member of my family to go to university as my dad runs his win business and my mother works part time as a midwife in a hospital in Birmingham. My older sister is now a stay at home mom who lives …

Words 193
Pages 1
Biography of Eiichiro Oda

Eiichiro Oda was born on January 1, 1975 in the city of Kumamoto (in the prefecture of Kumamoto). He decided to pursue a career as a a manga artist at the age of 4 (because they didn’t have to work in companies as adults). Unlike …

Words 406
Pages 2
Biography of Martha Rogers

Born on May 12, 1914, Martha Elizabeth Rogers shares the same birthday with Florence Nightingale. Her passion for nursing persisted in 1933 and she received the degree in 1936. Although this was not her first line of choice in pursuit of a career, still she …

Words 928
Pages 4
Critical Review My Place

CRITICAL REVIEW: MY PLACE, SALLY MORGAN Sally Morgan’s My Place, published in 1987, is an autobiography about finding her Aboriginal roots and her identity with the focus on the lives of three generations of Australian Aborigines. Sally’s family never talked about their past and she …

Words 533
Pages 2
Patricia Bath Biography

Patricia Bath, born in 1942, faced many problems dealing with discrimination as she climbed her way to the top in her profession. During her life time she had completed many accomplishments such as, making a safer and more efficient way to help cataract patients. Patricia …

Words 646
Pages 3
Sexual Biography

To be honest, I do not remember any milestone or turning point of my sexual biography. My sexual awareness came smoothly and naturally as I grew up. The events I am going to tell will be pretty vague in terms of time order and my …

Words 548
Pages 2
Biography of Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay

Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem. Massachusetts. on July 4. 1804. His parents were Nathaniel Hawthorne. and Elizabeth Clark Manning. His male parent dies of xanthous febrility when he was four old ages old. He so grew up in the manning family with his grandparents. …

AutobiographyNathaniel Hawthorne
Words 1236
Pages 5
Leonardo Fibonacci Biography

Leonardo Fibonacci was born around 1170 A. D. , and died around 1250 A. D. He was born in Pisa, Italy, and died there too. Leonardo’s mom was Alessandra, and she died when he was nine. His father was Guglielmo Bonacci, who directed a trading …

Words 330
Pages 2
Michael Jackson Biography: Facts, Childhood, Family Life

Michael Jackson was one of the most popular singers in the world. He was known for the king of dancing, talent, and for his songs. Michael Jackson had many different hits like ¨Man in the Mirror, ” Billie Jean”, ¨Thriller¨, ¨Beat it ¨, and ¨Smooth …

AutobiographyChildhoodMichael JacksonWine
Words 763
Pages 3
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin-Response Paper

Running head: PATH TO AUTO-IMPROVEMENT 1 The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: The Path to the Auto-improvement Luis A. Cruz Prof. Jerry Wallace HIST 1301 University of Texas at El Paso PATH TO AUTO-IMPROVEMENT 2 The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin: The Path to the Auto-improvement The …

AutobiographyBenjamin Franklin
Words 632
Pages 3
Ellen Dougherty Biography

Ellen Dougherty was a significant person in the world of healthcare. She dedicated her life to improving conditions of medical institutions. She started as an acting matron at Wellington District Hospital and later took post matron of Palmerston North Hospital. She became the world’s first …

Words 491
Pages 2
Racial Autobiography Curriculum Unit

Products of Our Town: Using Theory to Create Racial Identity Autobiographies and Explore Social Justice Danae O’Bryan EDU 6051: Race & Ethnicity 21 October 2011 Final Action Plan Assignment Products of Our Town: Using Theory to Create Racial Identity Autobiographies and Explore Social Justice 1 …

Words 6168
Pages 23
Beethoven Biography

Beethoven, who was a great composer and pianist of German origin was born in the 1770 and died in 1827. On the same note, he is grouped among the very influential composers and played a very great role in Western classical music especially due to …

AutobiographyLudwig Van BeethovenMusicPiano
Words 61
Pages 1
Biography of Eva Beem

Jennifer Grijalva P. 1 February 28, 2012 Biography Of Eva Beem Eva Beem was the daughter of Hartog and Rosette Beem. She was born on May 21, 1932, in Leeuwarden, Holland. When she was eight-years old,and she was in the school when the Germans invaded …

Words 296
Pages 2
Biography Of Alvin Ailey

Despite ballet’s winning the dominant place in American concert dance in a changed political environment, the concurrent emergence and success of Alvin Ailey points to changing social dynamics in modern dance as well. Ailey made his choreographic debut in New York City at the 92nd …

Alvin AileyARTAutobiographyDance
Words 97
Pages 1
Rizal Biography

Biography of Jose Rizal The Birth of a Hero: Born On June 19, 1861, Seventh of the 11 Children of Theodora Relonda and Francisco Mercado Real Name: Jose Protacio Alonzo Mercado Rizal y Realonda Rizal as a Child: Age of 3 – learns his alphabet …

Words 785
Pages 3
Biography of Harshad Mehta

Harshad Mehta scam: Harshad Mehta was an Indian stockbroker and is alleged to have engineered the rise in the BSE stock exchange in the year 1992. Exploiting several loopholes in the banking system, Harshad and his associates siphoned off funds from inter-bank transactions and bought shares …

Words 2368
Pages 9
Historical Biography of Archimedes

The presented text is a summary biography of Archimedes of Syracuse. Known as one of the greatest mathematician, scientist, and inventor; Archimedes’ notoriety has been maintained over centuries by the scientific discoveries and technological inventions he brought during his lifetime. This text relates of his …

Words 89
Pages 1
Biography – Herman Von Fehling

Herman von Fehling was a German chemist, who developed Fehling’s solution which was used for estimations of sugar. The Fehling’s solution is a chemical test used to differentiate between water-soluble carbohydrates and ketone functional groups, and as a test for monosaccharide. When working with Fehling’s …

Words 512
Pages 2
Frederick Douglass’s Slave Narrative Authenticity Essay

Rough Draft Storytelling has always been prominent among the human race ever since the oral tradition was established and the first written language came to be. It is not uncommon for a person to share their experiences, feelings, and thoughts through literature. The validity of …

AutobiographyFrederick DouglassSlavery
Words 640
Pages 3
Biography of Mary and Martha

Mary Magdalene is probably one of the most controversial figures in the New Testament. There are many claims about her personality, from a notorious sinner to until recently, the wife of Jesus Christ. Actually, Mary Magdalene is mentioned as one of Jesus’ female disciples in …

Words 95
Pages 1
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An autobiography is a self-written account of one's life. The word "autobiography" was first used deprecatingly by William Taylor in 1797 in the English periodical The Monthly Review, when he suggested the word as a hybrid, but condemned it as "pedantic".


As already mentioned, the autobiography is the story of one's life, written by that person. Mostly, autobiographies are written in first-person point of view. This means that the narrator, or person telling the story, is also in the story.


There are generally four important components of any autobiography: The description of your life, what life really means to you, the vision of your future and the conclusion.

Autobiography books

  • The Autobiography of Gucci...
  • Decoded
  • The Tao of Wu
  • Hurricanes: A Memoir
  • Mo' Meta Blues: The World Ac...

Rapper Autobiography

  • A Promised Land
  • Becoming
  • The Autobiography of Malcol...
  • The Diary of a Young Girl
  • Satya ke Prayog

Frequently asked questions

How do you start an autobiography essay?
Some tips on how to start an autobiography essay might include beginning with a memorable event or experience from your life, or sharing a thought or belief that has been influential to you. You could also start by introducing yourself and providing some basic information about your background and life story. Whatever approach you take, be sure to hook your reader's attention from the start and to keep them engaged throughout the essay.
What is autobiographical essay?
An autobiographical essay is a piece of writing that is typically written about oneself. This type of essay is usually written in first person point of view. However, third person point of view may also be used. The main purpose of an autobiographical essay is to give the reader an insight into the writer’s life.The essay should include information about the writer’s childhood, schooling, work experience, family, and hobbies. It should also highlight any significant life events that have shaped the writer’s character. The tone of an autobiographical essay should be candid and personal.An autobiographical essay can be a useful tool for self-reflection. It can also be used as a way to share one’s life story with others. Writing an autobiographical essay can be challenging, but it can also be a rewarding experience.
How do I write an autobiography about myself?
If you're looking to write an autobiography about yourself, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind. First, consider what kind of story you want to tell. Do you want to focus on your childhood, your adulthood, or your entire life? Once you've decided on the scope of your story, you'll need to start gathering material. This can include family photos, old journals, and anything else that will help you remember key details. Once you have your material, it's time to start writing. Start by telling the story of your life, starting from the beginning and working your way up to the present. As you write, try to be as honest and open as possible. Don't worry about making yourself look good - just focus on telling your story.
What is an example of an autobiography?
An autobiography is the story of a person's life, written by that person. It is usually told in first person point of view, and chronicles the person's life from birth to the present day. Autobiographies can be serious or funny, and can be written for different reasons, such as to entertain, to inform, or to inspire.

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