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Puritanism in American Literature

The Puritans had a large influence in American literature and still influence moral judgment and religious beliefs in the United States to this day. Puritan writing was used to glorify God and to relate God more directly to our world. Puritan literature was commonly a …

American LiteratureChristianityGodReligion
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American Literature: Pursuit of Happiness

Caitlyn Parker February 21, 2013 American Literature Essay #1 Pursuit of Happiness Comes in Many Ways In Ron Carlson’s “The Ordinary Son. ” Reed discovers that what he might want in life is different than how his family lives. Reed’s family isn’t your typical scenario. …

American LiteratureHappinessLibraryPursuit of Happiness
Words 1991
Pages 8
Puritan vs. Native American Literature

Puritan and Native American Literature There are many similarities and differences between Native American and Puritan literature. These include emotion, style, figurative language, and description. In Native American literature, as well as Puritan literature, they show significant events in their cultures. Both Native American and …

American Literature
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Symbolism In American Literature

The authors use symbolism to Illustrate their idea of desolation. In “A Noiseless Patient Spider”, Whitman uses a deserted spider to portray the soul as a hopeless being desperately searching for an anchor. While Dickinson uses a still body to portray the soul as elapses …

American LiteratureArchetypePoetry
Words 553
Pages 3
American Literature History Overview

?American literature is any written work of art that is created in the United States. American literature is like all literature, it has literary experiences and contextual history of America. It depicts how America has changed is still changing today. American literature has changed over …

American Literature
Words 702
Pages 3
Native American Storytelling Lit Paper

Native American Storytelling November 12, 2012 ENG/301 Native American Storytelling Native American literature is the root of cultural storytelling, which is told through oral tradition, this consist of stories and songs verbally. Native American literature use literary conventions in the root of myth and symbolic …

American LiteratureCreation MythLiterature
Words 1129
Pages 5
The Norton Anthology of African American Literature New York

Booker T. Washington, during the 59 years of his life, rose up from being a slave until the age of nine, to forming a school for African Americans and the education of thousands of African Americans in the pursuit of self sufficiency. Washington has also …

African AmericanAmerican Literature
Words 102
Pages 1
An Analysis of Sylvia Plath’s “Ariel” Through Feminist Critique

‘To what extent is feminist criticism helpful in opening LID potential meanings in Sylvia Plath’s ‘Ariel‘poets collection? Feminist criticism is helpful in the way that it helps us understand the female experience and the male-dominated ideology that seeks to limit women’s lives and defines their …

American LiteratureFeminist Criticism
Words 1375
Pages 5
American Literature Before 1865

While the land issue is frequently invoked as the reason behind the extermination of indigenous Americans by European settlers, the real issue was a clash of cultures that held incompatible world views. Among Native Americans (hereafter referred to as “Indians” for convenience and because this …

American LiteratureChristianityGodHeavenReligion
Words 82
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American Literature Critical Essay

A . Some of the best names that come into mind when one speaks of modern English literature and fantasies are Editha, and Kate Chopin. Their works stand tall in the golden pages of modern literature, influencing most people of this generation and many more …

American LiteratureFantasyNovelPoetry
Words 97
Pages 1
Famous Names in American Literature

30 Famous Names in American Literature Though the history of American literature is comparatively not so long, it has given the world many outstanding literary names. Washington Irving was the first US writer to gain an international reputation. In 1819 he published his volume of …

American LiteratureNovelWriter
Words 311
Pages 2
National Identity In The Frontier Thesis By Historian Frederick Jackson Turner

IntroductionThe question of “what piece of American historical writing has been most influential in American life” is one of the most significant aspects that have garnered a lot of attention from the Americans. Of all the works that have been done on this topic, Turner’s …

American DreamAmerican HistoryAmerican IdentityAmerican Literature
Words 922
Pages 4
Native American Literature Critical Essay

Indians, we picture them as half naked people causing raucous throughout the land, messing with the settlers, and being completely uncivilized and uneducated. There Is no way that these people could have created stones to be passed down throughout the generations but they did and …

American Literature
Words 868
Pages 4
A Feminist Criticism of Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses

In Cormac McCarthy’s novel, All the Pretty Horses, he illustrates the perilous journey that John Grady embarks on through Mexico, ultimately uncovering a fragile feminist dynamic that he has yet to encounter in his life. Throughout his novel, McCarthy elaborates on a love affair, broken …

American LiteratureFeminist CriticismLiterature
Words 596
Pages 3
The Concept of Freedom That Inspired Early American Literature

Freedom, always a main concern of Americans and their way of life, was what prompted even the earliest American literature. The Puritans, who fled England to gain religious freedom, wrote about their beliefs and their way of life. To show their beliefs, writers like Jonathon …

American LiteratureFreedomRomanticism
Words 1091
Pages 4
The Great American Literature

Both, Samuel Clemens, widely known as Mark Twain, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, the premier writer of the twentieth century’s Roaring Twenties, focus their writing on American society. They both masterfully handle their novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Great Gatsby, exploring the major …

American LiteratureMorality
Words 83
Pages 1
American Literature and Research

Society affects the lives of people who live in it. It dictates how they should behave and establishes norms that are expected to be obeyed otherwise people who do not fulfill the expectations are considered as deviant, rebellious and society’s outcasts. Society, however, is susceptible …

American LiteratureGeneration
Words 67
Pages 1
Breadth Of Time Periods Of American Literature

If I was teaching a course in American Literature since 1865, the texts that I would choose to teach would be “Tulips” by Sylvia Plath, Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman, Sula by Toni Morrison, Wise Blood by Flannery O’Connor, The Great Gatsby by F. …

American LiteraturePoetry
Words 76
Pages 1
American Literature

When using a feminist perspective to examine and explicate classic works of American literature, the temptation to cite specific examples of socially-driven misogyny or specific examples of chauvinism or even of changing perceptions of gender-roles often excludes an examination or discussion of the underlying themes …

American LiteratureGender
Words 62
Pages 1
American Literature Order

As I lay dying by William Faulkner tells the story of the death of Addie Bundren and the trials her family undergoes as they carry her body to Jefferson, Mississippi, for her burial. Addie’s husband, Anse; her four sons, Cash, Darl, Jewel and Vardaman; her, …

American Literature
Words 93
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Feminism and the American Way: A Feminist Novel Hills Like White Elephants

Feminism’s continual push for equality for men and women has grown and has become more successfull Women have abandoned the traditional roles of submissive housewives that was prevalent in the early 20‘“ century. Early representations of women in literature were often stereotypical and unjust, but …

American LiteratureFeminist CriticismNovel
Words 980
Pages 4
The Realm of African-American Literature

In the realm of African-American literature, poet and writer Langston Hughes is considered one of the primary proponents that gave birth and development to the genre of Harlem Renaissance. This genre, which enjoyed popularity and support in the late 1920s until mid-1930s, was a cultural …

American LiteratureARTRacism
Words 1645
Pages 6
Native American Literature

Native American literature is based on the everyday lives and experiences of the people native to North America. There are four main themes in Native Americas literature: displacement, “thou vs. it”, definition of evil, and assimilation. The most prominent is displacement which is expressed through …

American Literature
Words 731
Pages 3
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American literature is literature predominantly written or produced in English in the United States of America and its preceding colonies. Before the founding of the United States, the Thirteen Colonies on the eastern coast of the present-day United States were heavily influenced by British literature.

the English language



American Literature is for use by students in grades 11 and 12. This course can also be used by those in grades 9 and 10, but this is only recommended if the students are extremely good readers.

First piece

John Smith wrote histories of Virginia based on his experiences as an English explorer and a president of the Jamestown Colony. These histories, published in 1608 and 1624, are among the earliest works of American literature.


As a specific discipline viewed through the lens of European literature, American literature began in the early 17th century with the arrival of English-speaking Europeans in what would become the United States.

Impact factor

The impact score (IS) 2020 of American literature; a journal of literary history, criticism and bibliography is 0.23, which is computed in 2021 as per its definition.

American literature authors

  • John Steinbeck
  • Toni Morrison
  • Mark Twain
  • Ralph Ellison
  • Ernest Hemingway

American literature short Stories

  • Bartleby, the Scrivener
  • Rip Van Winkle
  • The Gift of the Magi
  • An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
  • The Story of an Hour

Frequently asked questions

What is the importance of American literature?
There are many reasons why American literature is important. One reason is that it helps us to understand our history and the people who have shaped our country. American literature also allows us to see the diversity of our country and the different perspectives that come with that. Additionally, American literature can help us to understand the current day and the issues that our country is facing.
What is American literature in your own words?
American literature is a genre of writing that originated in the United States. American literature is characterized by a focus on the individual experience, as well as a celebration of the American landscape. American literature is also marked by a spirit of experimentation, and a willingness to take risks.
What are the 5 major themes of American literature?
The five major themes of American literature are:1. The American Dream: The pursuit of happiness and success through hard work and determination.2. The individual vs. society: The conflict between the individual and society, and the individual's fight for independence.3. Nature and the environment: The relationship between humans and nature, and the impact of humans on the environment.4. Race and ethnicity: The experience of different racial and ethnic groups in America, and the tensions between them.5. Love and relationships: The different kinds of love and relationships that people experience, and the challenges they face.
What is unique about American literature?
One is that it is some of the most diverse in the world, with writers coming from all different backgrounds and experiences. Another is that it often deals with themes of freedom and individualism, which are central to the American experience. Additionally, American literature often tackles tough social and political issues, and provides a unique perspective on the human condition.

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