An Autobiography of Moon

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I know you are very curious to know about me. I have often noticed you looking at me with eager eyes. Now listen to my life story. I belong to a very large family, the solar family. My grandfather is called the Sun and he has nine daughters. My mother is the Earth. I am her darling as I am her only child. Imagine my aunt Uranus has fifteen children! I am so fond of my mother that I always go around her day and night. I am 4600 million years old.

Yet the bond between me and my mother continues without any change. Whenever I look at your human beings, I am very happy. I know that you praise me as beauty. You compose a lot of poems and songs in praise of me. You are scared of my grandfather but are fond of me. However, I too have my problems. A lot of stones from the space fall on me and cause injuries to my body. Moreover, my health also fluctuates. Today as you see me I am very bright. I grow weaker and weaker. But there is no consolation!

For the next fourteen days, I will gather my brightness and glow. Do you know what my most memorable day is my life was? It was July 21st of the year 1967. On that day. I remember, I was just getting out of my bed and I found something tickling my face. I looked at it. Oh! It was a human being. You know how happy I was then. I did not disturb him. Thereafter, more than twenty human beings landed on me. I wish a thousand and thousands of you come to me and play in my garden. Then I shall not feel lonely, you know.

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