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April 23 of 1564 the beginning to the path of great literature and performance, the birth of William Shakespeare, whose creations have affected everyone for generations. |He was born and raised in Stratford-upon-Avon. William was the third child out of eight from John and Mary Shakespeare. The names of the other seven children are Joan, Margaret, Gilbert, Joan, Ann, Richard and Edmund. William"s grandfather, Richard Shakespeare was a whittawer and a dealer in agricultural commodities. Richard died 52 days after the birth of William.

William attended the Stratford Grammar School. Even though the record-of- attendance have been lost it is no doubt that he truly attended the school, since the school was built and maintained expressly for the purpose of education the sons of prominent citizens. Because William attended church, the other obvious education is the exposer to either the Geneva Bible or the Bishops" Bible or King James. It also brings him to the influence of The Book of Common Prayer. No one knows exactly how long William remained at the Stratford Grammar School but it is believed that an assistant of John Shakespeare forced him to withdraw William from thence. His later education must be the ways of business he would have learned around his father"s shop. Spectators said they have seen William give speeches to the calf before slaughtering them for his father"s leather work.

William married Ann Hathwey in 1582. She was also from Stratford where William was born. Even though she was eight years older than he, their marriage was a success. Ann was three months in pregnancy when they were wed. Their first born Susanna was born in May 26, 1583. After that they had twins named after life time friends, Hamnet and Judeth Sadler. There wasn"t much talk from William about his marriage except some of his literature showed apparent resemblance of him and his wife. It seemed he was regarding him and his wife in some plays.

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There were no records of Shakespeare"s activities after the birth of his twins. We called it the lost years. It was believed that at those periods he was on refuge from a sort of crime. There wasn"t any hard evidence on his activities but there were many theories to fill in the time of activity.

The mark of William Shakespeare"s rise in London theater world in 1592 on a famous literary by Robert Greene which clearly refers to William Shakespeare. Later there were many other playwrights and pamphleteer that made reference of William Shakespeare"s poetry and plays.

As Shakespeare gone old he retired back to Avon. Where, his Judith and his son-in-law attended him. There was no accurate proof of Shakespeare"s death but in a diary half a century after his death it was said that Shakespeare died of over dose of alcohol. It is also expected that Shakespeare might have also known his death because days before he had his will revised. Almost a month after the revision on April 23, 1616 William Shakespeare past away. The end of a chapter in great literature.

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