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My Autobiography Essay Sample

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My name is Humayun Rauf and I’m born in Karachi, Pakistan. I have been living in Houston for almost three years and currently staying at Cambridge Oaks which is walking distance to University of Houston main campus. Starting from fall, I’ll be starting my junior year and will be deciding what major is best for me to pursue. Also, I’m working almost full-time at the graduate school office and will be continuing to work until I’m able to find an internship in a top-rated company. In the summer, I’m involved in a peer advising program at the International Schools and Scholars Office. There, we ensure students fulfill the basic requirements such as attending check-ins, orientation and meeting an advisor in order to start enrolling for the semester. We also guide the students about the opportunities that the university offers, different events and organizations they can be involved in, and safety majors on campus.

My hobbies are to watch TV, listen to music and play sports such as badminton, table tennis, and cricket. I participated in a lot of different sports in Pakistan as well as in Houston winning some great tournaments and acquiring high achievements such as the highest wicket-taker in cricket and securing 2nd position in table-tennis. Moreover, I also like to hang out with people and make new friends. For that, I have been involved in a lot of extracurricular activities and always tried to communicate different people and learning about their culture and lifestyle. Also, hearing about their hard work and struggle really helped me to motivate myself and always had that thinking of never giving up and keep surviving.

Everyone must struggle here in this world to overcome every obstacle in the way to success. For this, hard work is necessary. I have been working very hard to enhance my communication skills by reading books and newspapers on a daily basis. It was not easy since English was never my native language. Secondly, it was a tough time for me to get used to the new culture and make friends. Having grown up all my life back in Pakistan, the first year was very challenging, but I am glad that I have made it successfully so far and I hope to continue the good journey ahead.

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Throughout my life, I have had many aspirations such as to become an athlete or a musician, but getting a higher education has always been my prime objective. My current goals include getting an internship to build up work experience as well as gain more self-confidence. It will also give me confidence in communicating with professionals and will help in finding jobs with larger firms in the future. My objective is to graduate from University of Houston and get a degree in Business. I want to pick MIS (Management Information Systems) as a field in Business as I have an interest in computer coding and software management. Furthermore, my major ambition is to be financially independent and I hope to achieve this target by acquiring different scholarships, working full-time and saving money.

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