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Purvi Patel’s Biography Reflection

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From the early ages of her life Purvi Patel has had an interesting life. From her very early years in India to parenthood, family has been has been the greatest aspect of her life. She was the oldest of four, two younger sisters, Pinku and Chacu, and a brother, Mitul. They lived in Nadiad a small town in Gujarat, India. While growing up there wasn't much to do that was fun. Her parents, Surendra and Amita, were very strict and wouldn't allow her to go anywhere or do anything after dark. As she got older she started taking on more responsibility.

At age 11 she had started taking care of her siblings more often and started cooking and cleaning. Her mother made her learn these things at a young age to know what to do later on in her life. While going into her teen years she ended high school at the age of 16 and went to college the same year. While in college she was attacked by a dog contagious with rabies. After she got her rabies shot she was okay. Later the next day they killed the rabid dog. As the years passed she needed to get married. She had an arranged marriage with Amrish Patel at the age of 18.

In India at the time there were rarely any love weddings; marriages mainly all were arranged. They grew to love each other soon after. Shortly after they both had immigrated to America and both attended college again. Family life soon followed. When she was 22 in 1993 her daughter, Jasmine was born, though during that time it was a very hard time because of all that was going on. Purvi was still in college and they were looking for a house, but the day Jasmine was born her husband, Amrish, had bought a million dollar lottery ticket which he ost by one number, but they ended up getting $17,000.

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They kept it in the bank for good use. At the time they were still in college. Her husband, Amrish, had majored in computer technology. Purvi majored in medical technology. She had gotten a Job at a blood bank though she really wasn't too happy about it; she doesn't like blood, but she ended up liking it. Amrish became a computer technologist. Soon after, they had bought a house in Piscataway, New Jersey. Then Dhiral was born in 1997 when Purvi was 26.

Then in 2006 they moved to Greenville, Illinois, and are currently proud owners of the Econolodge Inn and Suites here in Greenville. Then in the December of 2009 the family went to India for my Purvi's brother's wedding which was also an arranged marriage. The cultural difference from coming from another country made a big impact on her life. From her arranged marriage and her loving and caring family she has grown to be someone who has been through a lot. Now Purvi Patel lives in Greenville living her life in a way to keep adding to this biography. biography By dapdusa

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