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The Portrayal of Denial in Night, a Memoir by Elie Wiesel

Many of the Jews went through denial, because the news of the holocaust was to unrealistic to believe. In the novel there were many incidents in which the Jews were in denial. Some of the times when the people faced denial was when Moiche told …

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A Rhetorical Analysis of the Graphic Memoir Fun Home by Alison Bechdel

In the graphic memoir “Fun Home”, (which is contradicting considering she lived in a funeral home), written by Alison Bechdel, is focused on her out of the ordinary relationship with her father who is a closet homosexual and her personal struggles of trying to cope …

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Moving from Town to Town in The Glass Castle, a Memoir by Jeannette Walls

Moving to different towns was nothing special for the Walls Family weather poor or just plain crazy their family went through very tough times. Jeannette Walls had different life experiences she believed her father Rex Walls was temporary moving to different locations only promising to …

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The Cruelty of Wars Depicted in Memoirs

War and Violence has been a constant part of the human history and affected many lives around the world. When we think about being exposed to traumatic events during a war, we think about what soldiers experience. However, often forgotten in the war are the …

MemoirPsychologyVietnam War
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Reyna Grande’s Memoir the Distance Between Us and Francisco Cantu’s the Line Becomes a River

In terms of characteristics, Reyna Grande’s memoir The Distance Between Us and Francisco Cantu’s The Line Becomes a River demonstrates the continuous significance of the Latinx, Xicanx testimonio on present-day life writing by Mexican immigrants coming to the United States from the Southern hemisphere, to …

CultureMemoirSocial Issues
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My Stroke of Luck by Kirk Douglas

‘My Stroke of Luck’ by Kirk Douglas is a memoir of a famous actor, film producer, and author’s personal story before and after a debilitating stroke that he suffered at the age of 80. Within this book, Douglas describes the symptoms he experienced when having …

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The Beautiful Struggle Is a Memoir Which Depicts Ta-Neshisi Experiences as He Transitions Into Manhood

In the Beautiful Struggle by Ta-Nehisi Coates, an African American born and raised in West Baltimore describes his beautiful struggle to manhood, the age of 18. Ta-Nehisi illustrates his transition to adulthood through the various influences portrayed in his life, for instance, his environment. They …

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The Importance of the Life of a Slave Girl

Jacobs endures great troubles to demonstrate that there could be no better slave masters. She contends that slavery abolishes the ethics of slave owners, virtually without exclusion. Slave owners like Dr Flint become coldhearted monsters. With no lawful assessments on their conduct, they impose every …

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James McBride’s Life Story in The Color of Water, an Autobiography and a Memoir

The Protagonist of a novel is the main character. The Protagonist of, The Color of Water, is James Mc Bride, also the author. He tells about his life story and about how he had to deal with a hard lifestyle growing up. He also tells …

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Comparison of Two Memoirs “Night” and “Life Is Beautiful”

Do you believe these two stories are similar or do you think that they can’t be compared? Even though these two stories may seem very different, one being fictional and the other a true story. I believe they are similar and can be compared. Night …

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Memoir: Xbox 360

When I was in middle school, the one thing I desperately craved was a Xbox 360. This gaming behemoth was the stepping stone into the world of video games that marked middle school culture. Every kid worth his salt owned one of these machines. A …

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A Review of Edmund Morris’ “A Memoir of Ronald Reagan”

Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Reagan by Edmund Morris. Edmund Morris was an author with incredible talent. Foreign born and apparently uninterested in politics, he was selected as Reagan’s biographer. The choice of Morris was based on his success with the Teddy Roosevelt biography. But …

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The Portrayal of Rape, Its Consequences, and Forgiveness in the Memoir Picking Cotton

It seems to me, that stories of rape, or kidnapping, or anythign else that may involve someone being hurt were quite interesting. I would say that “Picking Cotton” was the same. One of my greatest fears involves me getting kidnapped, or held against my will …

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Angela’s Ashes, Frank McCourt’s Glorious Childhood Memoir

’Tis, a sequel to Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes, is an interesting memoir about overcoming difficulties, no matter where you are or what others think of you. At the beginning, Frank is still on the boat to head to America. He and a priest are acquainted, …

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The Effect of Wars On Ismael 

Innocence and childhood play a big role in the Sierra Leone army during its civil war. Childhood usually related to happiness and innocence in a conversation. Ishmael was just an innocent child when he begins to forces to do things even grown-up men shouldn’t have …

A Long Way GoneEmotionsMemoir
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A Review of Valerie Zenatti’s Memoir, When I Was a Soldier

Everyone has a period of time in their life in which they have experienced events that not only changed their lives but also changed the way they perceive the world. This period of time can end up dictating ones future. For some people it could …

ArmyGovernmentMemoirMilitaryMilitary Service
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Story of Awakening in Dalton Conley’s Memoir Honky

Many people in today’s world argue that ‘all men are created equal’ as stated in the Declaration of Independence, which is a great ideology and concept. However, that is all it is- a concept. Every person here on this earth, whether they realize it or …

MemoirSocial ClassSocial Issues
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The Changes in Manzanar in Farewell to Manzanar, a Memoir by Jeanne Wakatsuki

Experiences in life can change us forever. If you were in a fire at some point in life, you would be scared of fire or cautious around it. It would change you. Pearl Harbor got bombed on December 7, 1941. After that, the U.S. took …

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