Reflection Essay on Drug Addiction

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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Drugs Addiction

Long ago, people used to perform operations without Drugs. But today, most surgeons rely on drugs as one of the basis element for an operation. Unfortunately, some people Abuse drugs, claiming that it helps them to forget about their family, social, and educational problems. While others think that something should be done, to protect people from the danger of drugs. Some people believe that they are addicted because of their family problems.Some teenagers claim that Problems between their parents press them to take drugs.

Other Children, because of their parents’ ignorance, they resort to take drugs in order to forget about their family problems. Social problems also contributed to this phenomenon. Abandoned and street children are vulnerable to take drugs. The psychological situations, in which abandoned children live, mislead them to take drugs. Also, street children are victims of the dealers and gangs of selling drugs. The third factor is educational problems.Children who do not attend school are not aware of the danger of drugs.

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Some students do not care about the enlightenment lessons against drugs. All these pushes are considered destructives of society. There are several things can be done about these problems. Parents should not fight each other in front of their children. Rather, they should care about their children. Abandoned children need to be protected and helped by people and organizations. Associations and organizations should look after street children and bring them back home.

Police stations should devote officers to arrest drug dealers and the heads of gangs. Parents should send their children to schools. Schools and universities should use different methods, to deliver their enlightenment lessons. This of course, will be a great step. But surely this needs individual work. In Conclusion, parents, Society, and schools are the major elements that should work together, in order to play an important role in children’s life. And keep them away from drugs.

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