An Invention the World Could Live Without

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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What invention would the world be better off without, and why? One major substance in the world can change your life forever. The most popular invention that I feel the world can go without is Cocaine. This drug can cause much turmoil in your life. Just one try and you can become an addict. An addiction is a habit that can't be broken unless you have assistance. Cocaine can cause you to have health Issues, family Issues and cause you to Illustrate.

Cocaine Is a white substance sold on the street. This Is a drug that can cause serious health Issues. Some people Intake the drug through the noise sniffing It up through the nostrils. This can cause nose bleeds. A constant sniffing, deterioration of brain cells. Another way to intake the cocaine substance is liquid formula shooting it through the veins with a stencil. Besides the minor health issues that occur, u can also cause your heart to explode, have seizures, and go into traumatic shock. This is a absence that can kill you.

Besides the fact that cocaine is an illegal drug and can kill you. For females that are with child this drug can also cause pregnancy Issues. Females can have children with birth defects such as: A. D. H. D, Down syndrome, hearing Impaired, vision impaired, not fully developed. Sometimes you even loose the baby. If the child does make It through the turmoil of drug abuse sometimes the child will come out addicted to the substance. Some parents even sell their child for the drugs because hey just have to have it.

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Or even come out as a ward of the state, because the parent is a drug abuser and has lost everything. So, now that you know the drug is illegal and can be fatal. Remember that the drug is not Just a white powdery substance, but can also be sold toy in little rocks. This drug can make u very delusional, causing you to see things that are not there. You won't be able to remember anything that has happened or is going too happened. This drug causes the nerve system to slow down can sometimes cause your reheating to be very shallow or even to speed giving you a rush.

But the crash after It all will leave you shattered. Cocaine is a drug that will take everything away from you. Even family. A white lives. And only leaving hurt turmoil, and death behind. This is a drug that was invented for people to get rich and watch others loose all that is important. I feel this invention would be an invention that the world would be better off without. Cocaine is still killing people breaking up families and leaving people with great regret. So say no to this invention.

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