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Ice Cubes Addiction Simulation

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My 48-hour ice cube addiction simulation turned out to be very different than what I had expected. I don't put ice cubes in my water cup at all. So my ice maker in the freezer is always empty. So I have to keep the ice maker full of ice cubes to use it in my addiction simulation. During my first hour in the 48 hours simulation, I was trying to fill my water bottle with ice cubes. I spilled some of the ice cubes on the floor. My dad got suspicious when I filled a water bottle full of ice cubes because I'm not used to putting ice cubes in my water bottle. My dad yelled at me and asked me why I needed that much ice anyways. I said that I needed to keep my water cold. He said we have a cold bottle in the refrigerator. I said it's better to drink water with ice cubes, he looked at me and said you didn't do that before. I said yeah, but I just want to try it. He didn't believe what I said. So it was so hard to keep my ice cubes addiction from my dad, and my friends also. My friend Johne when he saw my water bottle full of ice cubes, he kept asking me about and made it very difficult for me to try to come up with a decent lie.

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It's easy to see how all the lies of addiction can destroy a relationship and cause multiple problems. I noticed that the next morning while I was sitting in my room I was very thirsty even though I never am. I need a cup of water full of ice cubes, but my dad is sitting in the living room, and he can watch what I'm doing in the kitchen. I planned to get ice cubes in a smart way. I said dad I'll prepare breakfast. I went to the kitchen and I started to prepare the breakfast, when my dad was watching the TV I turned on the microwave and I opened the freezer softly, and I kept looking to my dad if he realized what I'm doing. I filled my cup with ice cubes and water and I put it in a bag and I hid it under the couch. I must have gotten a little caught up in the whole ice addiction and started to want to drink the ice water. 2 days were easy to hide my addiction but after a while, my dad would have probably caught on and I would have had to confess. This was a very eye-opening and interesting experiment.

Ice Cubes Addiction Simulation essay

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How can I Satisfy my craving for ice cubes in 48 hours?

Given that your craving for EYSKUBE is incredibly strong, the only way to satisfy this need is to put it (ice cubes) in EVERY SINGLE LIQUID SUBSTANCE YOU CONSUME during the 48 hours. That is, whether you are drinking soda, milk, coffee, beer, cocoa etc., you must have EYSKUBE in it to keep from going into withdrawal.

Is there a way to simulate addiction?

Although of course there is no way to truly simulate the addictive experience, the more seriously you follow the rules of the simulation, the more likely you are to experience some of the thoughts and feelings of addiction. Method For the 48 hours of this simulation you will be suffering from an addiction.

What is your drug of choice in the 48 hour simulation?

For the 48 hours of this simulation you will be suffering from an addiction. Your drug of choice will be "EYSKUBE" (frozen water). You used to just dabble with the simpler forms of water (liquid), but now you NEED the "hard stuff".

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